17-11635 Overdose/not fatal 2240 N Federal Hwy 1646hrs.
17-11651 Overdose/not fatal 706 W BB Blvd 2005hrs
17-11676 Overdose/not fatal 701 N Congress Ave 1943hrs
17-11671 Overdose/not fatal 210 Park Terr 2011hrs
17-11672 Overdose/not fatal 600 E Woolbright Rd 2011hrs
17-11640 Strong Arm Robbery 524 E Gateway Blvd 1716hrs
Officers responded to the above business in reference to the report of a strong arm robbery. Investigation revealed that two subjects who are known to each other were fighting over a cell phone. Refusal to prosecute completed
17-11682 Cat Burglary Crossings Cir 2046hrs
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a burglary. The resident reported an unknown b/m entered the residence from the unlocked front door. The suspect was described as a middle aged b/m wearing a white t shirt. The suspect fled on a black bike when the victim startled the suspect.
17-11697 Assault LEO 544 E Gateway Blvd 2337hrs
Officers originally responded to 524 East Gateway Blvd in reference to Timothy Cherry attempting to enter vehicles in the parking lot. Cherry was trespass warned by a representative of the property under 17-11689. Officers confronted Cherry fearing that he was attempting to gain entry into parked vehicles. Cherry resisted the officer who deployed his taser. Cherry was taken into custody, medically cleared and t.o.t. PBCJ.
17-11566 Narcotics Possession 100 NW 10th Avenue 1028hrs
Officers arrested Richard L. Sims for Possession of Crack Cocaine w/Intent to Sell within a 1000 Feet of a School (Poinciana Elem. School), Marijuana With Intent to Sell within 1000 Feet of a Convenient Store (Z Market), Tampering with Physical Evidence, and Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 Grams, after he was observed to be involved in a narcotics transaction. He was tot the PBCJ.
17-11602 Overdose (Non-Fatal) Gateway/Seacrest Blvd 1349hrs
Officers located a white male in a vehicle parked at the light at Gateway and Seacrest. He was found inside of a 2007 Toyota Scion (FL tag HWQ-T05) and unresponsive. BBFD provided life saving measures and were able to revive him. He was transported to Bethesda for further treatment.
17-11611 Disturbance 975 Le Grace Circle 1443hrs
Officers responded to a report of a large gathering of 50+ young people at this location. It was alleged that shots were fired in the area by one of the partygoers. Officers shut the gathering down and no injuries were reported by anyone involved. Officers remained on scene at the time of this briefing.
17-11614 Overdose (Non-Fatal) 2728 N. Federal Hwy 1453hrs
A w/m was found to be unconscious from an overdose in the bathroom of the Dunkin Donuts at this address.Life saving measures were provided by BBFR and he was transported to Bethesda for additional treatment.