15-012667 1809 hrs Agg. Assault w/ a Knife/Battery 1634 S Federal Hwy. (Walgreens)
Defendant Peter Gattuso was arrested after investigation revealed that he pushed and kicked victim Frank Constantino. Gattuso then brandished a knife and went towards Constantino. Gattuso was later forwarded to PBCJ.
15-012678 1857 hrs Bicycle Thefts 3625 S Federal Hwy (Wal-Mart)
Victims rode their bicycles to the above location. The bicycles were secured to a post in front of the business. Between the hours of 1815 and 1845, surveillance video shows an unknown B/M and W/F remove the bicycles.
15-012681 1908 hrs Vandalism 1015 NW 4th St. (Provident Fellowship)
Sometime between 1900 hrs on 03.26.15 and 2100 hrs on 03.25.15, an unknown person threw an unknown object through the north side window of the church.
15-12598 1057hrs Simple Battery 2290 N. Congress Ave (LA Fitness)
Contact was made with the victim who stated she was the on duty caregiver and watching children. She said that one of the children’s behavior was very defiant, rude, and disruptive. She said that when the child’s mother h/f Morales, Daniela A. DOB 05-23-88 came to pick her up she decided to bring it to her attention. Morales got in her face, started yelling profanities at her. Sharkey stated she tried calming Morales down in an effort not to bring any more unnecessary attention to the room, and disrupt the kids. This is when Morales took things to a whole other level and got physical with her by grabbing her by the neck, slamming her to the ground, and began to choke her. A co-worker had to physically pull Morales off her helping her to get free. Morales was placed under arrest for simple battery.