17012454 1608 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 1005 W Gateway Blvd
Officers and EMS responded and located w/m suffering from an overdose. Life saving measures were administered and he regained consciousness. He was transported to JFK for further treatment.
17012463 1758 hours Fleeing and Eluding 100 NE 10th Ave
Officers initiated a traffic stop on a Nissan Altima, gray, 2door, (NOI) for reckless driving. The vehicle failed to yield and accelerated through the residential area with total disregard for public safety. Officers discontinued their efforts and the vehicle was last observed traveling west towards I-95.
Between the hours of 2200-0900 the below auto burglaries occurred in the Boynton Lakes North Development.
17-012392 8 Erwood Place
17-012400 19 Hawthorne Lane
17-012404 2 Bentwater Circle
17-012409 60 Hastings Lane
17-012421 7 Beckley Place
17-12326 2230 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 1810 S. Federal Hwy
A semi-conscious male was located in the parking lot of McDonalds. He was transported to Bethesda Hospital in stable condition.
17-12341 0033 hours Shooting/Accidental 3140 Waterside Circle
Officers responded to the above residence in reference to a 34 yoa male with a gunshot wound to his left hand. The initial investigation indicated that he was showing his friends a handgun when it discharged into his left hand. He was transported to Bethesda Hospital for treatment. Detective Bureau and Crime Scene responded.
** Update to #17-12030. The “John Doe” victim at Bethesda Hospital was positively identified by a family member. Information passed on to Detective Bureau personnel.
17-12081 1737 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 4475 N. Ocean Blvd
An unconscious male was located at the above location. He was revived and transported to Bethesda Hospital for further treatment.
17-12092 1812 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 130 E. MLK
An unconscious male was located at the above address. He was revived and transported to Bethesda Hospital for further treatment.
17-12113 1957 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd
Officers responded to Bethesda Hospital in reference to an overdose after a semi-conscious female was dropped off at the ER. She is expected to make a full recovery.
17-12127 2120 hours Suspicious Incident 804 SW 5th Court
A suspected “swatting” call was received at the above location. The unknown male caller stated that a female shot her mother and he was hiding in the bathroom. Units responded and determined that no such incident occurred. This was the third time Bravo ¾ has responded to this location in the past 30 days for a similar incident.
17-12141 2241 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 308 Scarborough Lane
An unconscious male was located at the above location. He was revived and transported to JFK in stable condition.
17-011991 0808 hours Burglary Auto X2 700 SW 1st Avenue.
Victim reported that unknown suspects entered two of his unsecured vehicles and removed the registration and insurance information from both vehicles.
17-011998 0905 hours Burglary Auto 617 SW 4th Avenue.
Victim reported that unknown suspects entered her unsecured vehicle and removed her work firearm, a Taurus model 82, nickel plated revolver .38 caliber revolver valued at $500.00. The serial number for the firearm is NB904855. Firearm was entered into FCIC/NCIC.
17-012060 1506 hours Burglary Auto 304 NW 8th Avenue.
Victim reported unknown suspects entered her unlocked vehicle and removed approximately $10 in change.
The platoon responded to 2 non-fatal overdoses during the course of the shift.
17-11892 Aggravated Battery 2040 N Federal Hwy 1850hrs
Officers responded in reference to the report of an injured person. The alleged victim stated he was involved in an altercation that resulted in a broken arm. The alleged victim declined to cooperate and signed a refusal.
Officers conducted proactive patrol with the assistance of NIU surveillance.
17-11901 Narcotics Arrest
17-11925 Open Container
17-11928 Narcotics Arrest
17-11954 Overdose/not fatal 743 NE 1st Ave 0112hrs
17-11955 Overdose/not fatal 3200 Old Boynton Rd 0119hrs