15-009587 0536hrs Possession under 20 grams 2821 S. Federal Hwy #C-304
Officers responded to a disturbance where they made contact with the call who invited them into her room while she was in the process of rolling up a joint. B/F Adeline Michel was arrested and issued an NTA for Possession of Marijuana under 20 grams.
15-009629 1453hrs Theft 111 NE 11th Ave
Victim stated that sometime between 1900hrs on 03-07-15 and 1300hrs today, unknown subject entered her unfenced back patio and took a blue and white Cosker 65cc Dirt Bike, red 20” Razor bicycle and a bike helmet. The Dirt Bike was entered into NCIC/FCIC.
15-009507 16:36 Hours Robbery by sudden snatching 4770 N. Congress Ave.
Officers responded to Publix in reference to a delayed robbery. Victim advised that a white male suspect gabbed $220 from his hand while he was behind the service desk. The subject fled outside and entered an unknown white vehicle.
15-009453 0704hrs Discharge Firearm in Public Pinehurst Drive
A neighborhood homeowner stated that she heard what sounded like gun shots last night. This morning while walking his dog, another neighbor found a bloody leash and a dog floating alongside the canal face down. Further investigation revealed that one of the homeowners put his dog down due to extensive medical problems and because of those problems; the dog had become aggressive and attacked their smaller dog and bit the owner as he tried to intervene. County Animal Control responded and took the dog. The dog’s owner was arrested for discharging a firearm in public and unlawful disposal of an animal. The owner was issued an NTA. BBPD Animal Investigator was notified.
15-9374 1716 Warrant/ Possession of Cocaine 115 NE 16th Ave
Officer Haugh responded to 115 N.E. 16th Ave in reference to an anonymous tip that B/M Tarrik Fuller was at this address and that he had two active warrants for his arrest. While enroute to the address, dispatched confirmed that Tarrik has two active felony warrants. Upon arrival Tarrik ran to the wooden fence that separates the front and back yard and threw a small super glue type bottle over the fence. Once Tarrik was placed in handcuffs, Officer Haugh retrieved the glue container and checked inside. The glue container that Tarrik threw contained 0.2 grams of crack cocaine which was field tested with positive results. Tarrik is being charges with possession of cocaine and also had two outstanding warrants out of PBSO for felony sale of schedule II warrant # 14-007109CFAXX, Poss schedule II warrant # 15-000729CFAXX
15-9402 2054 Possession of Marijuana/Paraphernalia 131 E. Boynton Beach BLVD
Officer Lagor responded to 131 E Boynton Beach Blvd (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in reference to a subject who was passed out in the bathroom W/M Paavo Prima who was breathing but no lucid. Located in his right arm was a needle and he was lying next to several empty pill capsules and a spoon with a white flaky residue on the inside of it. Based on Officer’s Lagor’s training and experience the above listed item were commonly used for administering narcotics therefore he placed Prima under arrest for drug paraphernalia. A search of Prima revealed he was in possession of a clear plastic bag which contained marijuana. Prima was given and NTA and transported to Bethesda for medical treatment.
15-009312 1022hrs Burglary Auto 2579 SW 11th Ct
Victim stated that she parked her vehicle at the above location on 03-03-15 at 2000hrs. When she returned today at 0900hrs, an unknown suspect entered her vehicle without her permission and removed several items. Total estimated loss $1475.
15-009334 1200hrs Burglary Auto 2580 SW 10th Ct
Victim stated that sometime between 1730hrs on 03-05-15 and 0830hrs today, unknown subject entered her unlocked vehicle and took a drill and a drill battery without permission. Items valued at $200 and were entered into FCIC/NCIC.
15-009329 1207hrs Burglary Residence 3010 SE 2nd St
Victim left the home at 0500hrs today and did not secure the door. When he returned home at 1200hrs, he found that an unknown suspect entered his bedroom and took a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ($700) and a 9mm Smith and Wesson hand gun that was entered into FCIC/NCIC.
15-9269 Disorderly conduct 315 SW 7th Ave
We met up with Edward Cimasko (again) at the above address when he returned to cause a disturbance outside of the home. After speaking/requesting/ordering Cimasko to leave the area and not return he continued on his rant bringing more and more neighbors out of their homes to investigate. Cimasko was arrested and taken to county jail.