15-021016 1808 hrs. D.U.I. Crash/Resisting W/O Glens Drive West & Summit Drive
Christopher Veccia was involved in a crash at the above location and was transported to Bethesda Hospital. While at the hospital, Veccia consented to a blood draw. When Officers removed a handcuff to transfer him between two stretchers, he became violent by actively pulling his hand away from the Officers grasp with the handcuff attached. Veccia refused to comply with Officers commands and as a result, Officer Schalk used the dry stun (Taser) method to gain compliance. No injuries.
15-021017 1814 hrs. Poss. Drug Paraphernalia 413 NE 12th Ave.
Officer Webster arrested Leonard Miller Jr. after investigation revealed that Miller was in possession of drug paraphernalia.
15-021018 1817 hrs. Police Assist AOD to Delray Beach PD 1900 N Seacrest Blvd.
A BOLO was issued by Delray Beach PD in reference to a gray Mercury bearing FL GLG385 that fled from a traffic stop. Officer Medeiros observed the above vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Delray Beach responded and identified the driver from their traffic stop. Delray Beach PD took the driver into custody.
15-021054 2323 hrs. Occupied Burglary 1750 N Congress Ave. (Copper Tan)
While cleaning the tanning beds, employees heard the cash register open (beeping sound) followed by the front door beep. Upon checking the cash drawers they found cash missing from a register.
15-20940 0603hrs Cat Type Burglary NE 27th Ave
Contact was made with victim, who stated while he was in his bedroom at around 0600hrs he heard a noise in his family room. He opened his bedroom door, he saw a flashlight as if someone was looking around in the family room in the dark and a person immediately ran out the front door. As the unknown person ran out the front door, he heard what sounded like a car door being slammed shut and a vehicle leaving in a hurry. Nothing appeared to be missing from and nothing was damaged/vandalized. He advised that one of his kids may have left the window open last night. It was observed that the family room window screen was partially pulled out from the window.
15-20951 0821hrs Burglary SW 4th Ave
Contact was made with victim, who stated that sometime between 05-11-15 at approximately 1900hrs and today at approximately 0800hrs, someone entered his screened in patio to the rear of his home and stole his two bicycles, The bicycles are worth $250 each. There were no signs of forced entry and it appears that he had left his patio door unlocked.
15-20952 0824hrs Burglary 3649 Hudson Ln
Upon Officer’s Gray arrival, he observed a b/m/juvenile looking in a west direction while standing in the lawn at the above location. As Officer Gray approached, the 15-year-old boy started to walk as if he was just walking in the area. Officer Gray made contact with the teen, who advised that he was in the area visiting a friend, however he could not advise where his friend lived. Officer Gray then observed another b/m/juvenile exiting the garage of 3649 Hudson Ln pushing a bicycle. Officer Gray made contact with him and asked him where he was coming from, he advised his friend’s house. Contact was made with the owner of the residence who advised that he owned that bicycle. He said he left his garage open while he was inside his residence, and he did not give anyone permission to enter his residence (garage) or to take his bicycle. Further investigation revealed that both subjects did indeed commit a burglary and were placed under arrest and TOT JAC.