15-021900 1946 hrs. Recovery Stolen Vehicle 400 N Federal Hwy
A 2009 gray Honda bearing NJ tag F39BKJ was recovered at the above location. The vehicle was originally stolen from the Homing Inn, located at 2821 S Federal Hwy. (REF BBPD case 15-016483).
15-021920 2201 hrs. Vehicle Crash/D.U.I. 500 W Boynton Beach Blvd.
Michelle Dooley was taken into custody after investigation revealed that she was impaired and involved in a vehicle crash. She was medically cleared and transported to C.J.
15-21851 Grand theft Retail 4744 N. Congress Ave
Patrick McIntosh and Ryan Godfrey were arrested when they chose to steal $315 worth of clothing. They were processed and sent to PBCJ.
15-021743 1720 hrs. Strong Arm Robbery 4778 N Congress Ave. (Dunkin Donuts)
Victimwas standing in line inside the above location when an unknown B/M removed her cell phone from her rear pants pocket. The suspect fled west bound. Suspect is described as a black male, approximately 16 to 18 years old, wearing a black shirt with stars/polka dots, gray and black sneakers, gray shorts and a tan hat. K-9 tracked to 6930 Floral Dr., where the residence was checked with PBSO. The search revealed negative results.
15-21684 1108hrs Attempted Burglary Live Oak Lane.
Contact was made with victim who stated that while she was looking out her window she observed a B/M approx. 6’00 tall thin build jump over her fence and appeared to start banging on her door. The victim advised once the B/M saw her looking through the window he jumped back over the fence and fled the area. A canvas of the area was done however it yielded negative results. It should be noted that pry marks were located on the sliding glass door.
15-21697 1158hrs Boat accident Boynton Beach Inlet.
Dispatch received a call that a boat capsized in the Boynton Inlet and three passengers went into the water. It was undetermined if PBSO or the Coast Guard was in close proximity to the accident so Officer Koch and Hederian boarded Marine 1 and responded to the accident. Upon their arrival, no other law enforcement agency was on scene yet however they made contact with a Good Samaritan who helped the three people out of the water. Once on scene, Officer Koch transported the owner of the capsized boat to the boat ramp.

Sometime between the hours of 1330 and 1630 on this date, the following locations were burglarized. CS responded.
15-021571 Quantum Lakes Dr. (Burglary attempt)
15-021574 Quantum Lakes Dr. (Burglary) (Black Smith & Wesson 9mm taken. No SN available.)
15-021576 Quantum Lakes Dr. (Burglary)
15-021583 Quantum Lakes Dr. (Burglary)
15-021584 Quantum Lakes Dr. (Burglary)
15-021570 1541 hrs. Attempted Burglary 1625 Renaissance Commons Blvd #405
Sometime between 0700 hrs and 1430 hrs on this date, an unknown person(s) attempted to pry open the front door. No entry was made.
15-21476 0707hrs Stolen Auto 3128 E. Palm Dr.
Units responded to a crash involving a vehicle and a mailbox. Witness, advised he saw a white 2 door Toyota Solara, FL tag 577TSU hit his mailbox. Dispatch ran a record check which revealed that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Boca Raton, FL. Officers observed the sole occupant driver B/M/J revving the engine and attempting to back out of the ditch. Once taken into custody he spontaneously stated “I DIDN’T KNOW THE CAR WAS STOLEN”. The vehicle was confirmed stolen out of Boca Raton and he was placed under arrest for Grand Theft Auto. TOT JAC.