17-027236 Overdose Non-Fatal 100 NE 10th Avenue 15:31 hours
17-027246 Burglary to Auto 8002 Red Deer Lane 16:29 hours
Victim parked his vehicle (a grey 2015 F-150 pickup truck) in the driveway overnight; when he returned the next day he discovered his drone, a Typhoon Q500 4K ($1,250) was missing from the truck. The vehicle had been left unlocked.
17-027252 Burglary to Auto 3902 Westchester Way 16:53 hours
Victim parked his vehicle (White Dodge Avenger) in front of the above listed residence at 2000 hours on 5-14-17. When he returned to his vehicle the next morning at approximately 0730 hours he found the interior of the vehicle ransacked with miscellaneous papers and cards dispersed throughout the vehicle. His black coach bi-fold wallet containing $74 in cash was missing from the center console of the vehicle.
17-027276 Burglary to Auto 1013 SW 2nd Street 18:45 hours
Victim recently learned several unauthorized transactions were made on her SunTrust Bank account. The victim explained that on 4-17-17 she had been involved in an accident. The victim left her vehicle parked on the side of the road near the 600 block of S. Seacrest Blvd. in order to assist her father at the hospital. When she went to retrieve the vehicle she found that her pocket book containing her social security card, FL DL, SunTrust debit card, and JC Penny credit card were missing from the vehicle.
17-027274 Overdose Non-Fatal Renaissance Commons Blvd 18:57 hours
17-027171 0848hrs Motor Vehicle Theft 1319 N. Federal Hwy.
U-Haul manager reported a 2011 E-450 20” moving truck bearing AZ tag AE23869 stolen from the parking lot sometime between 04/30/2017 and todays date.
17-027193 1042hrs Overdose (Non-fatal) 500 W. Gateway Blvd.
24 year old male located unconscious and not breathing. Subject was resuscitated and transported to Bethesda.
17-027204 1159hrs Criminal Mischief (City Vehicle) 1901 N. Seacrest.
Sometime between 05/13/2017 and 1100hrs todays date unknown suspect(s) broke the right rear window of City of Boynton Beach vehicle #5900.
17-027208 1215hrs Suspicious Letter 100 E. Boynton Beach Blvd.
City Clerk’s Office received what was deemed a suspicious envelope / letter. The envelope was a standard size, white in color envelope with writing, bible verses, on it. BBFR personnel deemed this to meet Hazardous Material protocol and took custody of the envelope. Haz Mat protocol was followed and the envelope was found to contain nothing out of the ordinary.