18-027314 Burglary Auto 101 Scarborough Ln 2218 hours
Victim reported that unknown persons entered his 2017 green Toyota Corolla and stole a bag with personal belongings.
18-027334 Narcotic Arrest/DWLS/Warrant 1400 W Boynton Beach Blvd 0133 hours
Officer Pires conducted a traffic stop on a 2005 white Audi A6 for a traffic infraction. The driver, Jimes Ferdinand, was arrested for being a Habitual Traffic Offender and had an active misdemeanor warrant in PALMS. The passenger, Barry Dobson Jr, was found to be in possession of 9.2 grams of marijuana. Barry was released with an NTA. Jimes was TOT PBCJ.
18-27230 1426 hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal) 1601 S Congress Ave
18-27267 1707 hrs Burglary Auto 100 E Boynton Beach Blvd
Woman reported she parked her personal vehicle in the parking lot located on the corner of Seacrest Blvd and E Ocean Ave and left it unsecured. Between 1530 hours and 1700 hours her pink and black Smith and Wesson handgun was stolen from the vehicle.
18-27306 2111 hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal 1634 S Federal Hwy
18-27312 2156 hrs Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired 500 E Gateway Blvd
The detail officer at VRG reported hearing four to six gunshots to the southeast of his location. Officers canvased the area with negative results for any shell casings or victims. Local hospitals were also checked with negative results.