16-029348 1659hrs Car Jacking/Fleeing and Eluding 1790 N. Congress Ave
Contact was made with the victim who advised she was smoking a cigarette with her window rolled down and as she smoking she was approached by two black male subjects. One subject B/M Devonte Duril Trice, asked her for a cigarette as the other subject B/M Victor Dennard Joseph, stood behind him. The victim advised as she went to give Trice a cigarette, Trice told her to get out of the vehicle, opened her driver side door and grabbed her left arm forcefully pulling her out of the vehicle. Trice also took the victims iPhone telling her to give him the phone and physically pulled her headphones out of her ears that were attached to the phone. Units began to BOLO for the vehicle and as they were Officer J. Rivera (960) located the vehicle entering I-95 southbound from Hypoluxo Rd. Officer J. Rivera attempted to stop the vehicle however the vehicle began to flee. As the vehicle was fleeing south on I-95 several other officers were able to engage the vehicle and a pursuit ensued. The suspect vehicle exited I-95 at Atlantic Blvd in Delray Beach where the suspect vehicle eventually came to a stop and the two suspects in the vehicle were detained. A show up was conducted with the victim who positively identified the two suspects Trice and Joseph as the individuals who forcefully took her vehicle. Trice and Joseph were placed under arrest for Car Jacking and Fleeing and Eluding and TOT PBCJ.
16-029358 1815hrs Burglary (CAT) 401 E. Ocean Ave
Contact was made with the victim who advised that sometime between 2200hrs on 05/24/16 and 0600hrs today’s date, while the victim was inside the residence an unknown person(s) entered his secured front screen patio to his residence and removed his Black Kent Comfort bicycle. The victim advised that it appeared that the suspect(s) used an unknown flat tool to pry the screen patio door. No suspect information was obtained.
16-029389 2134hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal) N. Seacrest Blvd
Officers discovered W/M on the floor in his room, unresponsive and displaying signs of agonal breathing. BBFD units arrived on scene and injected Boudreau with Narcan. Boudreau became responsive after the injection. BBFD transported Boudreau to Bethesda Hospital for further medical attention.
16-029394 2200hrs Battery LEO N. Seacrest Blvd
Units responded in reference to the above overdose and immediately assisted the unconscious male. While assisting him, his girlfriend, w/f Elizabeth Kathleen Nye, refused to cooperate with officers when asked what he consumed to overdose. Nye began yelling at officers stating I’m not telling you anything. Once he was given medical attention by BBFR and he was inside the ambulance to be transported, Nye turned to Officer C. Herny and stated “I should spit on you”, at which point she proceeded to take an aggressive stance and spit on him. At this point, officers attempted to detain Nye, however she began swinging her arms in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed while attempting to trip officers with her feet. Once officers were able to place handcuffs on Nye, she started spitting towards officers and began using her fingernails to scratch Officer Wagner and Officer D. Hayes. Nye continued to scratch officers while she was walked to the patrol vehicle. As Officers attempted to place Nye into the patrol vehicle, Nye began kicking and screaming and dug her fingernails into Officer Hayes’ inner forearms, breaking her skin and leaving visible marks. Nye was placed under arrest for battery on LEO and TOT PBCJ.
16-029395 2222hrs Fire 7 Southern Cross Lane
Officers arrived on scene and observed the top floor of building 7 heavily engulfed in flames. Officers immediately began evacuating the entire building and were able to safely remove all occupants from the building without incident. BBFD arrived on scene and was able to put out the fire. Due to extensive damage to the building Red Cross was called out to place some of the residents who’s apartments were deemed uninhabitable.
16-029206 0237hrs Burglary (Business) 3469 W. Boynton Bch Blvd
Officers responded to the above location in reference to an alarm activation. Upon arrival it was discovered that the business had been burglarized. A small sledge hammer was located near the rear door which was heavily damaged and open.
16-029207 0358hrs Burglary (Business) 1877 W. Woolbright Rd.
Officers responded to the above location in reference to an open door called in by a neighbor. Upon arrival it was discovered that the business had been burglarized. The front glass door had been smashed and a rear door was damaged. Property was stolen from within as well as criminal mischief/discharging fire extinguishers.
16-029218 0716hrs Burglary Attempt (Business) 1865 W. Woolbright
The drive through window and rear door were damaged in what appeared to be an attempt to burglarize the business.
16-029248-280 1008hrs Burglary Structure 400 Industrial Ave.
The property manager stated that 21 separate storage units were burglarized. A witness stated that everything appeared to be in order at approximately 1930hrs on 05/24/2016.
16-028185 1127hrs Theft (Bicycle) 625 Casa Loma Blvd.
Victim stated that his silver Schwinn Trailway bicycle was stolen.