18-096477 Burglary Delayed 2520 NE 1st Ct #8305 22:00 hours
Victim advised she left her residence door open while she went to the laundry room. When she returned she noticed that her purse was missing from the couch.
BBPD B3B4 shift conducted extra patrols throughout Boynton Lakes North Development due to the residents parking along the grassy area of Boynton Lakes Boulevard during the resurfacing of the community’s roadways.
18-61982 GTA 15 Sausalito Drive 0730 hours
Overnight a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta black in color FL tag CLXB30. Keys were left in the vehicle.
18-61994 Burglary Residence 563 SE 27th Way 0940 hours
Delayed from yesterday at approximately 1149 hours UPS delivered a package to victim’s front door. At approximately 1156 hours victim’s motion camera activated capturing an unknown B/F taking said package from the front door area. Female was possibly pregnant, with short black hair under a hair net, wearing black shorts, purple shirt and white shoes. Video and still photos placed into evidence.
18-62013 Aggravated Assault X3 3165 E. Atlantic Drive 1152 hours
Units responded to the above location in reference to an aggravated assault. Upon arrival they met with the 3 victim’s one of which is the suspect’s girlfriend who advised they had come to the residence to get some personal property from the female when the suspect W/M Delgado, Gerardo exited the residence with a gun and pointed it them advising they could not take anything from the house. The male then retreated into the house. Officers made numerous attempts to contact Delgado via the phone and PA and he finally answered the phone. Officer Moreno was able to convince Delgado to exit the residence with his hands up. As Delgado exited he immediately tried to retreat back into the house so officers gave chase and were able to take him into custody.