18-053779 Accident THI SE 23rd Ave / SE 1st St 1907 hours
Officers responded to a vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. Officers came across a motorist who was bleeding from his head. BBFD Paramedics who were also on scene declared the injured motorist a trauma patient. THI and Crime Scene responded to investigate. The injured motorist was transported to DMC for medical treatment.
18-053792 Accident THI High Ridge Rd / Gateway Blvd 2008 hours
Officers were dispatched to a rollover crash involving multiple vehicles at the above intersection. Based on medical assessment by BBFD paramedics, an involved motorist was determined to be a trauma alert. Crime Scene and Traffic Homicide Investigators responded to the scene to conduct additional inquiries into what led to the crash. Road Patrol officers assisted in directing heavy traffic away from the scene of the crash.
B3/B4 Officers conducted covert surveillance operations in an industrial area that has been the target of multiple burglaries.