14-46938 Burglary 424 NE 15th Ct
Victim advised that he left his residence at 0830 and returned at 1730 to find a shattered bathroom window that an unknown person/s entered. Once inside approximately $1450.00 worth of belongings were stolen. Crime scene was positive for blood droplets located at the point of entry which CSI collected as evidence.
14-46987 Agg. Assault w/firearm 1500 Southern Cross Lane
Officer Spence was approached by victim (cab driver) who advised that he was robbed at gun point. Victim advised that he drove w/f/juvenile down from Tampa in his cab to the leasing office at Clipper Cove. Once on scene a B/M Ronald Clergy 20 yoa jumped into the cab and brandished a black firearm. Victim said he never demanded anything and both jumped out of the cab. A perimeter was immediately established and K-9 was able to track south to the rear of Barrington Terrace. Both subjects were located and detained. Clergy was arrested for Agg. Assault with a Firearm and juvenile was arrested for Hiring with intent to Defraud. In addition, juvenile is listed as a runaway from foster care out of Tampa.
14-46864 0934hrs Trespass Warning Intracoastal Park 2240 N Federal Hwy
B/F Tiffany Gordon and B/M Marc Ovilmar were trespass warned from Intracoastal Park after being seen bathing next to the building. They were offered homeless assistance which they refused.
14-046867 0957 hrs Theft Las Vantanas 1499 S Federal Hwy
Victim W/F Lisa LaChance stated that she secured her light green female Huffy cruiser bicycle on October 18, 2014 at 1500 hrs on a bicycle rack in the South Tower. On this date, at approx. 0900 hrs, she discovered her bicycle missing. Total loss $100.
14-046881 1157 hrs Theft Promenade 350 N Federal Hwy
Victim W/M John Mazzetti stated that he had secured three bicycles at the bicycle rack and last saw them approx. two weeks ago. He discovered them missing on October 17, 2014 and they are described as (two) GMC Denali’s road bikes with large frames and (one) red beach cruiser. Total loss approx.. $418. He could not provide serial numbers for any of the bicycles. No suspect info.