14-47835 Trespass Structure 322 NE 1st St
Anthony Caldwell Jr., Robin Brooks and Rebecca Scales were arrested after an anonymous person called in to say that there were people living in the home that did not belong. Contact was made with all three individuals who were inside the residence upon the officer’s arrival. Contact was made with the owner who responded and advised that no one should be there and that his place was empty just a week ago when he checked on his property. A search of the property showed drug paraphernalia within and damage to a couple of windows. Since it could not be proven who did the damage or who the drug paraphernalia belonged to they were arrested for the trespassing and sent up to PBCJ.
14-047747 0515 hrs Burglary to Auto McDonalds 1799 N Congress Ave
An employee/victim Raylynn Lopez states that she parked her 2001 Pontiac in the parking lot of McDonalds at 2100 hrs last night. At 0500 hrs, this morning, she discovered that an unknown person(s) broke the rear driver’s side window and removed a handbag contained $865 cash, soc sec card, WA DL, Motto X cell (unk serial number) and an Apple Ipod (unk serial number).
14-047758 1006 hrs Burglary Attempt to Residence 220 Bayview Dr #B
Sometime between October 25, 2014 and 0800 hrs this date, an unknown person(s) attempted to pry open a mail slot and jalousie window. According to the complainant Judy Terreli, she advised that the above residence has been vacant for approx. one year.
14-047793 1512 hrs Burglary to Residence 1720 Stone Haven Dr.
Victim stated that when she arrived home at 1400 hrs this date, she observed the patio screen door to the porch open. Upon further inspection, she noticed that her child’s red Mongoose bike (unk SN) was missing.
14-47695 burglary to auto 315 S. Federal Hwy
Victim advised that the vehicle was parked at the above address while they attended the pirate festival. While at the festival an unknown person/s entered the vehicle and $969 worth of belongings were taken or damaged.
14-047602 Burglary to Auto 216 SE 3rd St. 0544hrs
Officers responded to the above address in ref. to a burglary to auto. Victim advised that he went to his vehicle this morning at 0530hrs to retrieve his charging cord for his lap top he found his driver door open and an unknown (no description) standing next to his vehicle. He advised that the person then fled on foot west bound. Victim advised that his HP lap top and his brown wallet were missing.
14-047617 Burglary to Auto 620 SE 1st St. 0933hrs
Officers responded to the above address in ref. to a burglary to auto. Victim advised that sometime during the evening unknown suspects entered her vehicle and took a couple of CD’s. Total loss $25.
14-047622 Burglary Auto 620 SE 1st St. 1011hrs
Officers responded to above address in ref. to a burglary auto. The victim advised that unknown suspect(s) entered her vehicle took her wallet with $100.00 US currency inside.
14-47542 Theft 400 N Federal Hwy (parking garage)
Victim advised that sometime over the 5 days someone stole her unsecured bicycle from the secured parking garage. No suspects at this time.
14-47559 GTA 2722 Quantum Lakes Dr
Victim advised that between 1830hrs and 2030hrs this date unknown person/s stole his 2006 Red CVR 1000 motorcycle which had a Florida tag (0281NL).
14-047488 Trespass Warning 1500 SW 8th St. (Home Depot) 1219hrs
Officers responded to the above address in ref. to a theft in progress. During the investigation it was found that W/F Heidi Franklin DOB 10-8-91 and W/M John Vessels DOB 2-10-91 had attempted to steal from Home Depot in Delray, and then the Boynton Beach Home Depot. Both were FIR’ed and trespassed warned.