18-051786 Burglary Auto 3671 Potomac Pl 0830hrs
18-051817 Burglary Auto 1540 SW 8th St 1120hrs
18-051822 Burglary Residence 1335 Fairfax Cir E. 1143hrs
Sometime between 0900hrs and 1145hrs unknown suspect(s) entered the residence via a broken window and stole property from within.18-051690
Robbery W/ Firearm 100 E MLK (Family Dollar) 1744 hours
Officers responded to above location in reference to a B/M pointing a gun at a store employee. A subject matching the description provided was located in Heritage Park. As officers made contact with the subject later identified as B/M Marko Clinton (DOB 4/24/83), he immediately discarded what was later found to be a black air-soft pistol. It was determined that Clinton pulled the pistol out and pointed it at the store employee while grabbing 7 bars of Irish Spring Soap and leaving the business. He was later arrested and charged with Robbery w/ a Deadly Weapon and and Agg Assault. He was TOT PBCJ.
18-051747 Overdose-Non Fatal 217 N Federal Hwy (Chevron) 2340 hours
18-051760 Narcotic Arrest 217 N Federal Hwy (Chevron) 0108 hours
Officers were in the area regarding a police assist for Lantana PD. Contact was made with B/M Jeremy Bailey (DOB 12/30/89) who was found to be in possession of .5 grams of crack cocaine. He was arrested and TOT to PBCJ.
Officers conducted an extended extra patrol at 901 N Congress Ave (Ali Baba) due to a history of disturbances and fights at closing time (0300 hrs). There were approximately 200 subjects departing the establishment. There were several minor disturbances and a hit and run within the parking lot when the driver did not wish to complete a report.
18-051507 Burglary Auto Publix (501 SE 18th Ave) 1614 hours
Victim advised that her vehicle, a white 2002 Toyota Camry (Y79RTX), was burglarized while she was loading groceries into the car. The suspect, a thin B/M, over 6’ tall, wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts, was observed by a witness opening the victim’s front passenger door and removing her wallet, which was on the front seat. The suspect fled south on Federal Hwy with the witness in pursuit however he evaded capture. Total value of the loss is approx. $130.
18-051580 Stolen Auto The Inn (480 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.) 2245 hours
Victim advised that her white 2018 Toyota Camry (ELDJ94) was taken from the parking lot of the hotel sometime between 2000 and 2100. She advised that she was attending a party and noticed her keys missing from the table where she’d left them. A subsequent check of the parking lot revealed her vehicle missing as well.
18-051587 Stolen Auto 1660 Renaissance Commons Blvd. 2339 hours
Victim advised that he parked his yellow 2004 Honda CBR600RR motorcycle on the second floor of the parking garage at the above address yesterday at 2100. At 2330 hours today he observed the vehicle had been stolen.
18-051590 Burglary Business 1335 Neptune Drive 0002 hours
Officers responded to an alarm at the above address. Upon arrival a broken window on the SE side of the business was observed. A perimeter was established and Delray Beach PD K-9 was summoned to assist. A search of the business yielded no suspects within. A representative of the business responded and determined that 7 chainsaws had been stolen. CSI responded to process the scene, collecting latent prints and DNA.
18-51456 Stolen Tag 801 N. Congress Ave 1018 hours
Sometime between 0900-1018hrs an unknown suspect switched the tag from her car (FL/TGS4909) with another one (FL/HIFL18).
18-51480 Theft 1312 N. Federal (U-Haul) 1254 hours
On 10/05/18 at approx. 2056hrs, unknown suspect removed spare tires from two separate vehicles (P/U Trucks)
18-51479 Cat Burglary Tortuga LN 1217 hours
Sometime between 1115-1215hrs, unknown suspect entered the victim’s open garage and took a black Matt Specialized 13 Tarmac SL4 Pro 52 bicycle, while the victim’s wife was in the house. The Bicycle has Zipps 303 wheels and Zipps handle bars with a Dura Ace Cassette.
18-051299 Overdose Non-Fatal 214 SW 2nd Avenue 1543 hours
18-051362 Strong Arm Robbery 225 NW 12th Avenue 2216 hours
Victim advised he was hanging out at the park when he was jumped by approx. eight (8) males for no apparent reason. Victim advised they took his Samsung phone and approx.. three dollars. Victim advised officers of several reasons of why he was in the area and not at his rehab treatment in WPB.
18-051411 Shots Fired 407 NE 2nd Street 0328 hours
Officers were in the area when they heard several gun shots in the area of NE 2nd Street. Officers then located several subjects and vehicles leaving a house party located at 407 NE 2nd Street. Residents advised that an unknown subject was removed from the party. Upon leaving the subject fired several shots in the air and left the area. Search of evidence yielded negative findings. Hospitals were notified.