15-050353 1201 hours Burglary Auto Edgewater Dr.
Sometime between 10/16/15 at 2215hrs and 1115hrs today, unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked 2011 Acura RXD and took a laptop bag containing a Dell laptop without her permission. Laptop entered into N/FCIC.
15-050347 1108 hours Burglary Fenced Compound NE 14th Ave.
Officer Autiello attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a Silver Chrysler 300 that was speeding. The driver who was later identified as b/m Gregg, Travis d.o.b. 03-19-88, pulled in the driveway of 210 NE 14th Ave and fled from the vehicle. A perimeter was established by PTO Hanning and Gregg was found hiding in a boat located in the rear of 1521 NE 1st St. by the K9 unit (Brown). A search of the vehicle revealed a loaded 9mm Ruger handgun, which was reported stolen out of Jacksonville and several smoked marijuana cigarettes. Gregg was TOT PBCJ with charges of Burglary to a Dwelling, Grand Theft of a Firearm, Resisting Arrest w/o Violence and Possession of Marijuana under 20 grams.
15-50234 1704 hours Burglary Auto NW 16th Ct.
Unknown person entered victim’s unlocked vehicle between 2200 10/17 and 1700 today’s date. Vehicle rummaged through and insurance and registration taken.
15-50279/15-50294 2140 hours Recovered Firearm NE 18th Ave.
While investigating a disturbance at the residence, Officers were alerted to a firearm that was stored on the property outside. Officer Ryan located a Mac M9 Machine Pistol on the roof of the residence. No one present claimed ownership of the improperly stored firearm and it was confiscated as found property. The weapon had evidence of significant rust on the exterior, but was loaded with magazine and ammunition.
15-050159 0531hrs Burglary (In Progress) Country Lake Circle (Serrano)
Eric George advises he awoke and came down stairs when he heard his garage door open. He observed a B/M wearing a long sleeved white shirt walk from his garage across the street and attempt to conceal himself in the shrubbery of his neighbor’s yard. George grabbed the phone to call the police as he observed the suspect run to the rear of his neighbor’s residence, after the suspect attempted to gain entry into his neighbor’s vehicle. When officers arrived a B/M matching the suspect’s description attempted to flee. He was detained, positively identified, and placed under arrest. The suspect was identified as Marcus Love 07/09/94. Officers also discovered several other vehicles throughout the neighborhood that been burglarized. It is uncertain at this time if Love committed those burglaries. The scenes were processed and latent prints were collected for analysis. Love was TOT the PBCJ.
15-050185 1047hrs Burglary Residence (Delayed) E. Ocean Avenue
Victim advised that on 10/17/15, between 1700hrs-2100hrs, unknown suspect(s) entered his residence and stole his Dell and Hewlett Packard laptop computers. Victim advised he conducted an inventory of his residence, and did not believe anything else was taken. There were no signs of forced entry.
15-50065 1523 hours Burglary Auto W. Gateway Blvd.
Victim reported someone broke into the vehicle between 2300 hours last night and time of report, removing 2 Cheney Brother jackets and some personal documents.
15-50082 1834 hours Burglary Auto W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Victim was facing the gas pump outside of the vehicle when an unknown person entered the vehicle and removed a pocketbook left on the passenger seat.
15-50103 2002 hours Suspicious Incident 1901 N. Seacrest Blvd.
An anonymous caller advised four black males (heavily tattooed) were in possession of guns and feared they may try to rob someone. The Ezell Hester Park was occupied by more than 300 spectators at a scheduled local football game. Several police units remained on-scene until the game ended and the crowd cleared. No subjects were located. No disturbance noted.
15-50134/15-50138 0126 hours Noise Disturbance with Shots Fired 400 NW 12th Ave.
Officers responded to the area reference a large crowd and a multitude of vehicles in the area having a party. Upon arrival, officers observed a crowd of approximately 100 gathered along the street and sidewalks with several dozen vehicles congesting the roadway and sidewalks. Officers remained in the area as the crowd slowly dispersed. Several gunshots were then heard fired a block away from the gathering. An anonymous complainant later advised the shooter was a B/M sitting on a white Nissan Altima at 320 NE 13th Ave., whom was wearing all black clothing and head dread hair with gold teeth. A check of the area did not result in finding any evidence, witness, victim, or suspect.
15-50135 0136 hours ailed to Stop/Stolen Auto Gateway Blvd./I-95
An occupied stolen vehicle, 2013 Gray Hyundai SUV with FL tag # BKUG86, was observed by Officer Williams driving at a high rate of speed. Officer Williams attempted to stop the vehicle after catching up with it as it entered I-95, then exited onto Boynton Beach Blvd. After it was apparent the vehicle would not yield, the attempt was terminated. Vehicle was last seen eastbound on MLK Blvd.
15-050003 0927hrs Theft (Auto Parts) W. Woolbright Rd
Victim advised that sometime between 1630hrs on 10/16/15, and 0830hrs this morning, unknown suspect(s) stole all 4 rims and tires from her blue 2012 Honda CRV. The vehicle was left on 4 blocks.
15-050010 0945hrs Burglary Auto (Delayed) Tybee Cir. (Savannah Lakes)
Victim advised that sometime between 2130hrs on 10/16/15 and 0900hrs this morning, unknown Suspect(s) burglarized his gray Toyota Camry and stole $20.00 in coins. Suspect(s) made entry through the front driver’s side door by utilizing a tool.
15-050005 0950hrs Stolen Auto (Delayed) Banyan Creek Cir. North
Victim advised that sometime between 2130hrs on 10/16/15 and 0830hrs this morning, unknown suspect(s) stole her black 2 door Honda Accord bearing FL tag #Y43CRH from her driveway. The vehicle’s information was entered into NCIC/FCIC.
15-050028 1200hrs Burglary to Residence (In-Progress) S. Federal Hwy. (Las Ventanas)
Property’s caretaker said that she secured and departed the residence at approximately 1900hrs on 10/16/15. When she returned this morning at approximately 1150hrs, she noticed the residence in disarray and a green plastic storage bin in the center of the living room floor. The container contained jewelry, silverware, a radio, and other miscellaneous items. While checking the residence, she noticed a heavy set male, who was wearing a black mask, crouched down in the corner of the master bedroom. She ran from the residence to a neighboring apartment and called the police. Officers were unable to locate a suspect. An inventory of the residence revealed that nothing was taken. There were no signs of forced entry.
15-49933 2146 hours Juvenile Disturbance BBHS 1400 W. Gateway Blvd.
A large fight was reported at the school campus. As the football game ended a large crowd was observed around a disturbance where it was discovered a juvenile had been involved in a fight and was found on the ground unresponsive. As officers responded the crowd dispersed and Fire Rescue arrived. Juvenile recovered. School Police investigating.
15-49957 2335 hours Failed to Stop 1300 N. Seacrest Blvd.
Officer Sohn observed two motorcyclists driving at a high rate of speed, subjects then separated and went in different directions. A traffic stop was attempted on one of the motorcyclist at the 300 block of NW 10th Ave., however; the motorcyclist refused to yield. Officer Sohn terminated his attempt at 1300 block N. Seacrest Blvd. as vehicle continued northbound. The motorcycle was operated by a heavyset person wearing all black clothing with black helmet.
15-49964 0010 hours Suspicious Shots Fired 430 NW 12th Ave.
One caller advised hearing 8 shots fired and a vehicle leaving the area. No witnesses/victim/evidence located.
15-49966 0044 hours Armed Robbery/Burglary Conveyance N. Seacrest Blvd.
Victim was delivering bread to the business when a male B/M, Clayton Mitchell, 11/16/77, approached him and asked him for some money. Victim advised he didn’t have any money. The victim retreated to the rear of his delivery truck to begin unloading and discovered Mitchell in the cab of the truck. Victim asked what Mitchell was doing. Mitchell put his hand under his shirt and said, “Give me your money or I will shoot you.” Victim brandished a metal rod that he uses to pull bread racks for defense and called the police. Mitchell fled the area. A perimeter was setup with a description of Mitchell wearing a yellow shirt and camouflage pants. After several minutes, Officer Ryan observed a male sitting in front of a house that got up to walk in the opposite direction as Officer Ryan drove past. The male was wearing an orange shirt with camouflage pants. Mitchell was stopped and positively identified by the victim. Mitchell charged accordingly and TOT PBCJ.
15-049790 0635hrs Vehicle Theft 301 E. Woolbright Rd.
The victim advised that sometime between 2100hrs on 10/15/15 and 0630hrs, unknown suspect(s) stole his gray 2015 Kawasaki ZX14R motorcycle bearing FL tag #7758RB. Vehicle information was entered into NCIC/FCIC.
15-049824 1043hrs Burglary Residence Delayed Providence Rd.
Victim advised that unknown suspect(s) gain entry into the secured residence by breaking the north side bedroom window. The interior of the residence was ransacked, and there was a strong odor of marijuana throughout the residence. The victim also stated a Rheem air conditioning unit valued at $4,000 was stolen from the property. The victim advised this burglary could have occurred anytime within the past two months, due to the residence being vacant.