18-048080 2042 hours Trafficking Heroin Arrest 133 NW 10th Ave.
PTO Rivera and OIT Waiters conducted a felony stop on a stolen 2013 White Kia Optima at the aforementioned location. B/M Datron Brown was subsequently taken into custody for GTA. Search incident to arrest located 5.9 grams of Heroin on his person. Brown was charged accordingly and tot PBCJ.
18-048077 0122 hours DUI Arrest 2200 N. Congress Ave.
While investigating a traffic crash at the aforementioned location; Officer Dominguez suspected w/m Thomas Hoban of being impaired. FST’s were conducted on scene which provided PC for Hoban’s arrest. He was subsequently taken to PBSO BAT where he rendered a breath sample of .207. Hoban was charged accordingly.
18-47962 Vandalism/Graffiti LWCS 7592 High Ridge Rd. 0651 hours
Between 09-16 at 1130 and 09-17 at 0600 unknown suspect spray painted graffiti throughout the campus to include 2 school buses.