16-049447 2042hrs Aggravated Battery/Vandalism to Police Vehicle 8 Southern Cross LN
While off duty, Officer Lauture was advised by one of the residents that two B/M’s were fighting in the parking lot. Officer Lauture advised dispatch and responded to the location upon his arrival he observed the two males fighting in the parking lot. Officer Lauture able to detain both males until units arrived. Once units arrived, it was determined that B/M Lenny Lejean was vandalizing a black BMW in the parking lot and then decided to vandalize Officer Lauture’s patrol vehicle 4444. The victim attempted to stop Lejean and when he did Lejean picked up a bicycle and threw it at the victim which struck him in the arm. Based off the investigation Lejean was placed under arrest and TOT PBCJ. Vehicle 4444 had a broken passenger side mirror.
16-049459 2244hrs Overdose Non-Fatal 1308 Belmont Place
16-049362 0815hrs Burglary (Auto) 234 Birch St.
Victim stated that sometime between 1300hrs on 09/04/2016 and 0815hrs today unknown suspect(s) entered his unsecured vehicle and stole a drone which was left on the rear seat.
Railroad crossings at SE 12th Ave and at Woolbright were malfunctioning and Officers manned the crossings until FEC was able to remedy the situation.
16-049332 2334 hours 400 E. BBB Poss. of Controlled Substance X3, DWLS, 2 felony warrants
Officers completed a traffic stop and made contact with B/M Ronald Brutus who removed a clear plastic bag containing suspected crack cocaine and numerous pills from the center console. Brutus was taken into custody without incident. Officers recovered .7 grams of crack cocaine, 17 Xanax tablets, and 49 Dilaudid tablets. Brutus also had two active warrants for possession of controlled substance. Brutus was processed and transported to Palm Beach County main jail.
16-049345 0120 hours 631 E. Woolbright Road CLS (non-fatal overdose).
16-49046 1722 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 2740 SE 2nd Street
An unconscious female was revived by BBFD and transported to Bethesda Hospital in stable condition. It is unknown whether this was an overdose or a suicide attempt.
Operation: Two officers were assigned to conduct proactive enforcement. This resulted in 3 Felony level drug arrests, 15 traffic stops, and 23 citations.
16-48952 Narcotics/Resisting Arrest 1520 S Federal Hwy 0825hrs
Officers responded to the report of a potential overdose. Officer’s investigation revealed that the defendant Giovanni Menard was found to be in possession of various narcotics, paraphernalia and the identification, bank card, ss card of the overdosed person. Overdosed person was t.o.t. BMH. The defendant resisted arrested and sustained taser deployment. The defendant was medically cleared and t.ot. PBCJ.
16-48825 1704 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 550 N. Congress Ave
Officers responded to a semi-conscious female at the above address. She was transported to JFK in stable condition.
16-48846 1818 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 401 W. Boynton Beach Blvd
Officers responded to an unconscious male in a vehicle. The male was unresponsive and foaming at the mouth. The vehicle was running with the doors locked so officers on scene broke a window to gain entry. BBFD arrived and subsequently transported him to Bethesda Hospital in stable condition.
16-48851 1907 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 1372 Auburn Court
A male was found unconscious at the residence. BBFD revived him with Narcan and he was later transported to JFK in stable condition.
16-48925 0202 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 121 NW 1st Avenue
An unconscious male was revived by BBFD and transported to Bethesda Hospital in stable condition.
16-48924 0146 hours AOD/FHP I-95/Boynton Beach Blvd
An FHP Trooper was investigating a single vehicle accident when his patrol car was struck from behind. The Trooper was outside of his vehicle and he sustained minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle that struck him was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol. BBPD units responded and assisted on scene and with the closure of I-95.
16-48753 1008 hours Burglary Auto 2424 N. Federal hwy. #210
Unknown person entered victim’s vehicle between 1830 hours last night and 0730 hours this morning, ransacking the contents within, and took a black wallet containing cash and identification documents.