15- 43598 0800 hours Burglary Auto NE 20th LN
Victim stated that sometime between 2145hrs on 09-15-15 and 0744hrs today, an unknown suspect entered his 1972 MG-B, which was properly parked in his assigned parking space, without his permission. Once inside, the suspect rummaged through the glove box but did not take anything. Victim stated that he left the vehicle unsecured to prevent anyone from cutting or damaging the convertible to gain entry.

15- 43615 0903 hours Stolen Tag 1009 N. Federal Hwy (Enterprise Car Rental)
Store employee stated that sometime within the last two days, an unknown suspect took the tag (FL/DZLG34) off of a black, Ford, F-150 without permission. Tag entered into F/NCIC.

15- 43646 1236 hours Burglary Res/Forced Entry NE 20th Ave
Victim left his home secured at 0739hrs today. When he returned at 1230hrs, he noticed that the front door was open. Check of the home revealed that unknown suspect(s) entered the home by prying open a door on the patio. Once inside, suspect(s) kicked in two bedroom doors which were dead bolted and then ransacked them both. Stolen items total approximately $600.

15-043707 Vehicle Burglary – Delayed 4741 N. Congress Avenue
Officers met with Marcus Baptiste, who reported that after parking his Freight Liner delivery truck, at the aforesaid location, an unknown B/M (described as having short dreadlocks – being 6-02 in height – wearing a black shirt and black pants) entered the unsecured cab area of his delivery truck (described as a Red 2014 Freight Liner); attempting to steal Marcus’ black back pack. Marcus stated that when he confronted the suspect; he fled the area running westbound towards Congress Avenue.

15-043746 DWLS/Possession of Controlled Substance – Arrest 200 block NW 13th Avenue
Officer Strong, in collaboration with PTO Jean made contact with W/M Thomas Peterson; during a traffic stop at the aforesaid location. After Peterson was lawfully detained for operating a motor vehicle without a license; a search revealed that he was in possession of .02 grams of Diluadid and 0.2 grams of crack cocaine. Peterson was charged accordingly and later transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.

15-043774 Residential Burglary Desford Lane
Officers were dispatched to the aforesaid address in reference to a residential burglary that just occurred. The homeowner, Robert Lutz, stated a B/M (described as being in his 20’s – 6-00 in height – 200 pounds – wearing blue shorts); had entered Lutz’ unsecured garage to possibly steal a bicycle. After Lutz interrupted the B/M from committing the theft; he was last seen running in a northern direction towards Starbucks®. Officers set up a perimeter and the K9 Officer tracked for the suspect; however, to no avail.

15-043775 Vehicle Burglary – Delayed Buxton Lane
Officers met with Joseph Fromer, who reported that after parking his vehicle, at the aforesaid location, an unknown person(s) entered his unsecured vehicle (described as a 2000 Silver Toyota Celica) – resulting in the unknown person(s) stealing his personal items from therein. It should be noted that this vehicle burglary was reported within minutes of the above reference residential burglary.

15-043776 Vehicle Burglary – Delayed E. Palm Drive
Officers met with Piquita Gosier, who reported that after parking her vehicle, at the aforesaid location, an unknown person(s) entered her unsecured vehicle (described as a Gold 2000 Saturn sedan) – resulting in the unknown person(s) stealing her purse w/ contents from therein.

15-043814 Warrant Arrest 800 NW 1st Avenue
Officer Grigorian made contact with W/M Joseph Agostino, during a traffic stop at the above location. A complete record check revealed several active warrants – FTA (Traffic)/etc. After processing Agostino, he was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail, without incident.