Prepare to be infuriated, and then call your parents and grandparents to talk about who is cleaning their home.
This is Dorothey Rowley, and on Tuesday, she confessed to Det. Joseph, that she stole $7,000 in jewelry and $3,000 cash from a 69-year-old woman during the 5 months she worked as her cleaning lady.
Rowley, 24, pawned almost all of the jewelry – including the victim’s late husband’s wedding rings, a 50-year-old college signet ring from Honduras and a 150-year-old ring given to the victim by her late grandmother. Unfortunately, the jewelry was either sold or liquidated and the victim will never see it again.
Det. Joseph was able to return to the victim a silver wrist watch that the suspect had hidden under her bed. Rowley was charged with grand theft from a person over 65, dealing in stolen property and false verification of ownership. She was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail.
Crime prevention tips: Ask friends and family to recommend a cleaning person; secure your valuables before they come to clean; inventory your valuables as soon as they leave; immediately call police if you notice anything missing.

Dorothey Rowley