Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey S. Katz announced today a series of budget neutral departmental changes that will increase patrol personnel, mentor the next generation of leaders and expand crime prevention and youth initiatives.
Majors Stewart Steele, Suzanne Crawford and Kelly Harris will now be Assistant Police Chiefs. Steele is commander of Administrative Services; Crawford commands Uniform Services and Harris oversees Support Services.
Katz promoted Det. Sgt. Thomas Wallace to Major of Patrol Operations. In addition, seven officers have been selected to become Police Training Officers. Officers Jose Rivera, Brian Goldfuss, Widy Jean, Craig Hanning, Cynthia Rivera, Barry Ward and Cory Herny will be part of a unit responsible for incorporating community policing and problem solving principles into the training of new officers.
“We are excited about our future,” Katz said, adding that the changes are at no cost to the citizens of Boynton Beach.
Future plans for the department will allow for a 25 percent increase in patrol personnel, succession planning and leadership mentoring for the next generation of the department’s administration and the expansion of the Crime Prevention Unit and youth outreach programs.