The Support Services Division is comprised of Police Information Technical Services, as well as two sections, Investigative and Staff Services.

Police Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the technology, applications and systems that further the mission of the police department, including computer aided dispatch, records management, field reporting, criminal intelligence sharing and analytics. ITS is committed to leveraging technology to provide innovative solutions and support in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The Investigative Section includes the Major Case and Crime Scene Unit, Special Victims Unit, Financial and Property Crimes and Animal Control Unit, Narcotics Unit, Task Forces, NIMS, and Trends and Analytics.

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) investigates cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the neglect of children or elderly. Detectives, within this unit, are a dedicated group of professionals that deal with intensely personal, difficult, and emotionally charged situations while maintaining their professionalism in order to investigate, apprehend, and prosecute offenders. SVU investigations are most often coordinated with public resources such as victim advocacy, Palm Beach County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), Child Protection Team (CPT), Department of Children and Family (DCF), and other local, state, and federal agencies.

The Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) is a hybrid investigative unit responsible for both addressing and curtailing violent crime and for suppression of narcotics/drug trafficking, criminal conspiracies, distribution and sale of narcotics.

Task Force Officers are assigned to the Palm Beach County Sober Homes Task Force, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the DEA’s Task Force, and the United States Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force. The assignment of detectives to these task forces provides the city with access to county and federal assets to address the opioid epidemic, drug offenses, threat and terrorism matters, and violent fugitives having a nexus to the City of Boynton Beach.

The Trends & Analytics Unit is responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating both criminal and intelligence information to assist officers and detectives with their investigations. The unit further informs the command staff on crime patterns, trends and statistics which allows the intelligence led direction of the department’s assets and personnel to address emerging threats and crime trends.

The Financial Crimes and Property Crimes Unit is tasked with conducting investigations into thefts, frauds, forgeries, burglaries and similar property offenses. The unit is focused on closing investigations for the residents and business owners of Boynton Beach whom have been the victim of these crimes. The unit frequently participates in intelligence-directed operations in neighborhoods and along business corridors that are experiencing a rise in property offenses in an effort to solve cases and combat future property crimes.

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for investigating and taking appropriate enforcement action in regards to violations of state and local animal cruelty laws. The Animal Control Investigator is not a police officer, but may exercise the power of arrest, and file arrest warrants. The unit works collaboratively with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control to provide animal care and shelter to animals in need.

The Major Case Squad & Crime Scene Unit is composed of highly skilled and trained detectives assigned to handle the most egregious and sensitive offenses occurring in the city. The unit’s primary responsibility is to investigate person’s crimes such as homicides, robberies, aggravated batteries and assaults, and other violent offenses.

The Crime Scene Unit consists of highly-trained professional staff investigators who provide 24-hour crime scene processing and evidence collection services to the department’s officers and detectives. Crime Scene Investigators preserve, document, collect, and process evidence that will be presented in court. The investigators also provide in-house latent print and DNA collection for evidence analysis.

The Staff Services Section includes the Records Unit, Communications, Evidence, and Training and Recruitment.

The Records Unit processes crime reports, accident reports, public records requests and arrest paperwork. Records compiles statistical reports submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and statutorily required reports to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and works to provide immediate, professional and impartial response to emergency calls for service.

The Evidence Unit is responsible for the care, custody and control of property recovered by the Boynton Beach Police Department. This includes, but is not limited to, items of evidence, found property, recovered firearms and currency.

The Training and Recruitment Unit is responsible for providing exemplary training to our officers and professional staff members that is consistent with and follows all guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The unit is also tasked with the recruitment of personnel.