The Uniform Services Division is comprised of Road Patrol Operations, SWAT and Community Services, which includes Crime Prevention, the Neighborhood Officer Program, Marine Safety, Community Response Team, K9, Traffic Safety, Education and Enforcement, Honor Guard and the Reserve Program.

Road Patrol responds to all initial calls for service and begins all investigations into reported crimes. The City of Boynton Beach is divided into 11 patrol zones that are staffed by the Road Patrol Division. The division works in four shifts, two dayshift and two nightshift. The department employs a community-oriented policing philosophy, where officers are assigned to the same zone each day and responsible for identifying potential and active criminal activity, as well as quality of life issues that affect the community.

SWAT is a team of highly trained operators who are deployed to address hostage rescues, barricaded gunman, high risk warrant service and wanted subject apprehension, high risk security operations, and special assignments and other incidents which exceed the capability and or capacity of patrol and investigative units.

The Neighborhood Officer Program is tasked with cultivating high levels of mutual trust, understanding and respect between the police and the residents. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop relationships which transform the confines of ordinary community policing activities and instead focuses upon building sustainable partnerships.

The Marine Safety Unit assists with waterway patrol, search, rescue, surveillance, support other agency components, and other appropriate marine-related activities. The unit promotes boat safety and education, preserving natural resources, lawful fishing and other aquatic pastimes by enforcing statutes, ordinances, regulations governing the City’s waterways.

The Community Response Team (CRT) is tasked with combating crime through problem-oriented policing. They assist other units within the agency especially road patrol with combatting nuisance crimes such as street-level narcotics, prostitution, loitering & prowling, and auto-burglaries.

The K9 Unit aids in the detection of criminal activity and the apprehension of criminal violators, as well as the recovery of evidence, contraband, firearms, currency, lost or missing persons and explosives detection.

The Traffic Safety, Education and Enforcement Unit, is tasked with maintaining traffic safety and ensuring the efficiency of the roadways. This is accomplished by educating the public as well as enforcing traffic law via the issuance of warnings and/or citations. They manage accidents, specifically major crashes involving serious bodily injury and/or death. They also ensure the safety of children enforcement of school zones.

The Honor Guard provides a ceremonial escort at the funeral of a fallen officer. The Boynton Beach Police Honor Guard. under the direction of Captain Paul Deale consists of 20 officers dedicated to preserving this tradition. At a moment’s notice, the unit can be mobilized to attend the funeral of an officer killed in the line of duty anywhere in the State. The Police Honor Guard also serve as “guardians of the colors”, protecting the flags displayed at ceremonial functions. Lastly, they are ambassadors to the public, presenting a positive image of the police department.

The Reserves Unit voluntarily assists the Police Department when such augmentation is essential to public safety and welfare.