Home means something different to everyone. For Bo, it means a fresh start with a roof over his head and a warm bed to sleep in. Bo has a place to call his home thanks to help from Officer Brian Goldfuss and Brianna Garza, an outreach peer specialist at The Lord’s Place, who have been working together since January to get him off the streets of Boynton Beach.
Officer Goldfuss, a member of our Homeless Outreach Team, met Bo in January after he had been hit by a car and was living on the streets while still in a wheelchair. He reached out to Garza at The Lord’s Place, which is an organization that offers comprehensive services designed to end homelessness. After months of coordinating efforts, they helped Bo get on a list for housing. Last month, Bo moved into his own apartment. Yesterday, Officer Goldfuss and Brianna stopped by his apartment to see him.
“I’ve been able to help other people through my outreach work, but I’ve never been able to see the end result before,” Officer Goldfuss said. “Being in his home, seeing his smile, this is why I do what I do.” #bbpdpride