He sniffed out a murderer, caught the driver of a 50-mile chase on live television and apprehended nearly two dozen criminals.
Though his career as a Boynton Beach Police Officer was short lived, K9 Daxxx made a tremendous impact.
Daxxx retired from the BBPD on Dec. 14 due to three bulging discs in his neck that are pushing down on his spine. The 5-year-old German Shepherd served more than three years as Officer Joseph Crowder’s loyal partner.
We’ll miss our beast (he’s not the warm and fuzzy K9 we could bring to meet and greets), but we know he’ll enjoy a comfortable retirement living with Officer Crowder.
Some highlights of Daxxx’s stellar career: The Valentine’s Day 2013 arrest of Michael Correa-Ortiz, who fatally stabbed Lyssa Moody and seriously injured her husband Chris in their Tara Lakes home. Daxxx tracked him to a dense brush area and when he refused to come out, he bit down on his right arm and pulled him out. Correa-Ortiz was recently sentenced to 60 years in prison.
In March 2015, with helicopters hovering and live TV cameras rolling, Daxxx found the driver of a 50-mile chase hiding in bushes at a house on Northwest Second Court. Demetrics Brown took police on a tri-county chase north on I-95 from Miami Gardens. He bailed out of his car on the Gateway Boulevard exit ramp and jumped over the barrier wall. Daxxx had no trouble picking up his scent. When he refused to come out of the bushes, Daxxx clamped down on his arm and took him into custody.
Daxxx joined the BBPD in 2012, purchased with donations from the community raised during first South Florida Police K9 Competition. This year’s event, which will be held Feb. 27 at 2 p.m. at Boynton Beach High School, will raise money for the purchase of Officer Crowder’s next partner.