This morning, Traffic Homicide Investigator Vincent Mastro was honored as the Officer of the Year by Palm Beach County Victim Services. Asked to describe him in two words, his supervisor, Sgt. Jose Rivera, said “empathetic and resourceful.” From attending the funeral of a 5-year-old vehicular homicide victim to escorting the family member of a victim home from a crime scene, Inv. Mastro goes above and beyond to show compassion and humanity during the most heartbreaking circumstances.
Inv. Mastro started his law enforcement career with Broward County in 1992, during Hurricane Andrew. He joined the Boynton Beach Police Department in 2006 and has held several positions within the department, including road patrol, tech services and traffic homicide investigation. He is the lead Faro Operator, specializing in case investigation and victim death notifications.
Inv. Mastro earned his Associates Degree in Accounting from Johnson and Wales College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Enterprise Economics from Florida Atlantic University. He is a certified police motorcycle instructor, police general instructor and breath test operator.
On March 26, he was lead investigator in a DUI crash where he met with the husband and children of the victim to explain what had occurred. The family told the PBC Victim Advocate that his professionalism, compassion and respect was remarkable. On Sept. 21, 2021, a father and daughter were killed in a crash due to a drunk driver. Inv. Mastro displayed extraordinary compassion and escorted an immediate family member home from the crime scene.
Inv. Mastro is married with four children. During his free time, he enjoys coaching youth sports and is a group leader who assists with marriage renewal and enrichment. He has his culinary certificate from New York Institute of Technology and a black belt in Ju Jitsu.
Join us in congratulation Inv. Mastro on this tremendous honor.