Det. Evelyn Gorfido, Police Training Officer Cynthia Rivera & Officer Matthew Vazquez

On. Nov. 26, 2021, officers were dispatched to check on the two children. Upon sight of the officers, the children fled the house and ran into the arms of Police Training Officer Cynthia Rivera. An investigation began and PTO Rivera was able to get the children to open up and confide that their father had been sexually abusing one of them.
The detective bureau was notified and SVU Det. Evelyn Gorfido responded, even though she was not on-call. The father was ultimately arrested for sexually battery.
Officers and detectives did not stop there. They learned that the children and mother were in desperate need of assistance. PTO Rivera, Det. Gorfido and Officer Matthew Vazquez began collecting money from department employees. Soon after, they went on a shopping spree for the family and with Santa Claus in tow, they hand-delivered presents to the children and their mother for Christmas.
PTO Rivera, Det. Gorfido and Officer Vazquez’s huge hearts made this tragic event a little bit easier for that family, and for their remarkable efforts, they are recognized as Officers of the Month.