announce of officers of the month

Officers Davon Jennings and Greg Wertman

Officers responded to a local hotel reference a woman who had been shot and killed in her car. The suspect shot at another person before fleeing the area in a car. Fortunately, that person was not injured. Dispatch put out over the police radio a description of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving. Officers Davon Jennings and Greg Wertman saw the vehicle entering I-95 northbound at Gateway Boulevard. A felony traffic stop was initiated and the driver pulled over. SWAT and the Hostage Negotiation Team were called to the scene as it was initially believed that the man had barricaded himself in the car. It was later determined that he died by suicide. By Officers Jennings and Wertman locating the suspect and his car, they stopped the man from injuring or killing anyone else.
For their efforts, they are recognized as April Officers of the Month.