Announcement of officer of the month with photos of officers jeanniton, hall, steele and zeplin

Officers Fabrice Jeanniton, Sean Steele, Harold Hall and Eric Zeplin

​​Congratulations to Officers Fabrice Jeanniton, Harold Hall, Sean Steele and Eric Zeplin, who are recognized as the June Officers of the Month.

On June 21, they responded to one of the hardest and most traumatic calls for service – a missing autistic child who was found in a lake about 40 feet from shore. The officers immediately dropped all of their gear, jumped into the water and swam out to bring the child to shore. They then began CPR, which continue until fire rescue arrived. Tragically, the child did not survive, however, their heroic efforts are to be commended and applauded.
They wish with all their hearts that they could have saved this child, and they will continue to pray for him and his family.