Dispatch Supervisor Terri Bennett

Dispatch Supervisor Terri Bennett was nominated for this recognition by the dispatchers who work for her. They wrote that she “is most deserving, she always leads by example and sets a high standard. She is the reason we work so hard to emulate her and achieve her praise.”
Aside from covering her own supervisor shifts, Terri works an extreme amount of dispatch overtime, often working 7 days a week. Her dedication to the job and her team is unparalleled, and her willingness to sacrifice herself and her comfort for her team is admirable.
“Terri is the person we run to when we need a problem solved because we know she will follow through. She is the person we trust to have our back on and off duty, always ready to support her team.”
For these reasons and so many others, Terri Bennett is honored as the Professional Staff Member of the Month.