Victim Advocate Barbara Rodriguez-Marrero

On. Feb. 15, 2022, officers responded to the death of a man who left behind a 15-year-old daughter. Victim Advocate Barbie Rodriguez-Marrero was called to meet with the girl, who was distraught as she had also lost her mother a year ago. Barbie consoled her and found her a place to stay for the time being.
That same day, Barbie came to the aid of a 19-year-old girl who was being physically abused and needed to flee her home with her 2-year-old child. The teen only spoke Mayan, but Barbie was still able to help her find safe refuge, contacting the Guatemalan consulate and locating her father in Guatemala.
As Barbie says, “these are the small wins that make me happy.” We believe these are big wins for our department and the community, and we honor Barbie as Professional Staff of the Month for her tremendous work.