Congratulations to Traffic Homicide Investigator Dennis Castro, who was recently recognized as an Officer of the Year Honoree by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center.
He is the first traffic homicide investigator to be nominated for this award, which recognized his compassion and empathy for victims and their families while working these difficult cases. Officer Castro is a 13-year veteran of the BBPD who also served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps for seven years.
Advocates at Palm Beach County Victim Services describe THI Castro as efficient and tenacious, working each case using a victim-centered approach and often following up with family members long after the investigation in complete.
His supervisor, Sgt. Phil Hawkins, said he is always 50 steps ahead in every investigation, adding that the two words to best describe him are caring and direct.
We join Palm Beach County Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center in commending THI Castro for his tremendous work and thanking him for everything he does to service victims of crime in the county. #bbpdpride