Official Comment from Boynton Beach City Attorney Jim Cherof regarding today’s dismissal of 200 red-light camera cases by Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Mark T. Eissey:
“The City has gone to great lengths to enforce its red light camera program. The City’s program was designed to protect the public from drivers who break the law and endanger the safety of others by failing to obey traffic lights. Today’s court ruling is a setback to the City’s efforts to catch and penalize those drivers who break the law. The evidence presented to the Court today demonstrated a clear violation of the law. The video can be viewed here. Notwithstanding that evidence, the Court dismissed the ticket and nearly 200 others that show clear violation of the law, basing his decision on the ruling in the City of Hollywood v. Arem case. Once the Judge enters a formal order of dismissal of today’s cases, the City will evaluate its options regarding the continuation of the City’s red light violation enforcement program.”

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