Boynton Beach Police are proud to announce the second step in our budget neutral reorganization – changes that will mentor the next generation of agency leaders and promote increased oversight and accountability within the ranks.
Following a rigorous interview process, Chief Jeffrey S. Katz has selected seven sworn members of the agency to serve under his command as captains.
They are Capt. Joseph DeGiulio, Capt. John Bonafair, Capt. Matthew Zeller, Capt. Richard McNevin, Capt. Michael Johnson, Capt. Anthony Magnanti and Capt. Michael Kelley.
DeGiulio, who is currently a lieutenant, will be captain of the Training and Standards Section; Zeller, a current sergeant, will command the Office of Finance and Procurement; McNevin, a current sergeant, will oversee the department’s Intelligence and Analysis Section; and Bonafair, a current lieutenant, and Johnson, Magnanti and Kelley, who are currently sergeants, will each assume command of a road patrol platoon.
Lt. Paul Deale was chosen to serve as the Chief’s Executive Lieutenant. In this capacity, he will work closely with the chief on an array of projects and programs designed to improve the department’s efficiency, effectiveness and impartial enforcement operations.
Officers Drew Murphy, Yolando Sanders and Charles Turco, and Detective First Grade Rayner De Los Rios will be promoted to the rank of sergeant.
Earlier this month, Katz announced that Majors Stewart Steele, Suzanne Crawford and Kelly Harris would be Assistant Police Chiefs. Steele is commander of Administrative Services; Crawford commands Uniform Services and Harris oversees Support Services.
Katz promoted Det. Sgt. Thomas Wallace to Major of Patrol Operations. In addition, seven officers were selected to become Police Training Officers. Officers Jose Rivera, Brian Goldfuss, Widy Jean, Craig Hanning, Cynthia Rivera, Barry Ward and Cory Herny will be part of a unit responsible for incorporating community policing and problem solving principles into the training of new officers.
The next phase of the reorganization will occur in August, when the department anticipates rolling out additional community outreach and crime prevention programs with the goal of building problem solving partnerships and supporting the cultivation of civically responsible youth within our community.
The department will celebrate its new path forward during a swearing in ceremony on Tuesday, July Also to be sworn in that evening are eight new police officers – Brittany Jones, Michael Autiello, Daniel Montoute-Howard, Ramiro Allegria, Kyndra Strong, Donald Maul, Jivanet Rivera and Alfredo Vargas.