UPDATE: We received wonderful news yesterday that Addison is now home with her original foster (and now permanent) dad.
Animal Cruelty Investigator Liz Roehrich’s investigation into this heartbreaking incident is now finished.
Roehrich provided the facts and evidence of the case to the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office, and it was determined that although the dog owner’s actions were an undesirable means of discipline, they did not rise to the level of a criminal act due to the fact that the dog did not sustain injury.
“This man’s actions were completely heartless and unwarranted, and an ineffective means of discipline or behavior-modification,” Roehrich said. “But it is my duty as an investigator to put personal emotions aside and determine if a violation of the law occurred, and in this case, it did not.”

When Roehrich visited the man’s home for a welfare check on his other dogs, she noted that they were geriatric, and neither exhibited any signs or symptoms of prior or current neglect or abuse. Therefore, the animals remained in the home as there was no probable cause to legally remove them.

This concludes the Boynton Beach Police Department’s involvement in this case.

UPDATE: Addison’s owner permanently relinquished custody of her on Tuesday following a visit to his home by our animal cruelty investigator.
Inv. Liz Roehrich said the man expressed extreme remorse and said he understands the gravity of his actions. She also said that two other dogs in the home, ages 11 and 13, appeared to have been well taken care of, and based on her observations, there is no probable cause to remove them.
“Adi can now look forward to finding a forever home filled with love and gentle hands,” Roehrich said.
Addison has been in the custody of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control since yesterday morning, when Roehrich brought her there for an examination by their veterinarian.
All inquiries into Addison’s status and availability for adoption should be directed to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.
The criminal investigation is ongoing. Further information will be provided when the investigation is completed.

Original Post: 9/29/2020
On Sunday, we were made aware of a deeply concerning video circulating on social media of a man punching a dog in Intracoastal Park in the City of Boynton Beach.
An officer immediately responded to the park to gather the initial facts, and turned the case over to our animal cruelty investigator.
This morning, Inv. Liz Roehrich interviewed the man in the video and took custody of his dog for an exanimation by a veterinarian at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.
Adi, short for Addison, a two-year-old female Pit-Lab mix, will remain in the custody of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control pending the outcome of the investigation.
“I will do my absolute best to pursue justice for this innocent animal,” said Roehrich, who has served as the department’s animal cruelty investigator for 28 years. “We will always investigate acts of animal abuse and neglect in the city.”
In addition, Roehrich will be performing a welfare check at the man’s home to ensure the safety of his other animals.
We will provide further information on this investigation as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience as we take the necessary time and care required to investigate this thoroughly.