Boynton Beach Police on Tuesday recovered a credit card skimmer device from inside a gas pump at a Mobil Station.
An employee with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services was doing an inspection at the gas station at 4798 N. Congress Ave., around 11 a.m., when he found the device on pump #10.
The suspect used a star-shaped tool to open the pump and installed a 10-inch gray ribbon wire attachment that is designed to read and store credit/debit card and PIN information. The data is then sent by Bluetooth to a nearby phone.
A store employee told police that the pumps are inspected every Monday, and when he checked it around 1020 hours the day prior, he did not observe anything suspicious.
There is absolutely no way that a victim would know their information was being stolen because the machine functions normally and there is nothing suspicious looking on the outside of the gas pump. To avoid possibly having your information stolen, we recommend paying with cash or going inside the business to pay with a credit/debit card.

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