SCAM ALERT: This one from Det. Juan Montoya, whose name was used by scammers who tried to con someone into providing personal information and money. The caller said he was “Detective Montoya from the Boynton Beach Police Department,” and told the potential victim that they failed to answer a summons and were subject to fines.
The phone number on the called ID showed 561-742-6100, which is the number to the Boynton Beach Police Department. This is an example of Caller ID spoofing, which is when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your display to disguise their identity ( The caller also said the police department was located at 209 S. Seacrest Blvd. First mistake…we are now located at 2100 High Ridge Road. Second mistake…our Internal Affairs Division is located at 209 N. Seacrest Blvd. Fortunately, the potential victim grew suspicious, hung up and contacted us directly to find out if there were any outstanding tickets.
No one from the Boynton Beach Police Department will call you to ask for money. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from our department and asking you for money, hang up and call us directly at 561-742-6100.
Please share this with family and friends, particularly those in the senior community, who are often the target of these scams.