If there is a warrant for your arrest, neither us nor any other law enforcement agency will call and ask for money to make the charges go away.
Sadly, a community member became a victim of this scam and it cost her $7,500. The scam began with a phone call from a man named “Oscar Brown,” claiming to be with the Social Security Administration and providing a fake badge number. He said there was a case against her (provided a fake case number) and that there was a warrant (provided a fake warrant number) for her arrest for money laundering. He told her to call a lawyer or he could transfer her to the sheriff. She then received a call from another man who told her he was
PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. That man stayed on the phone with her while she went to different stores and bought $7,500 in gift cards. She then provided the gift card numbers to the man impersonating Sheriff Bradshaw.
The woman told our officers that the calls she received were very convincing, and that she continues to get calls from various spam numbers, including a spoofed 688 number, which are the first three numbers to dial PBSO. It is the woman’s hope that by sharing her story, she will help prevent this from happening to others in our community.
Please share this important message with your family and friends.