We recently responded to a home that had been burglarized by man wearing a green vest and claiming to be there to check the water. The homeowner told the man she did not receive a notice about it, but she let him inside anyway. The man turned on the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms before leaving her home. After he left, the woman said she had a bad feeling about him and checked on her valuables. She noticed a necklace, three rings, cash and checks were missing from her bedroom.
If you live in the City of Boynton Beach, Government, you receive water from Boynton Beach Utilities, and their employees will not show up unannounced. The ONLY City of Boynton Beach employees who will ever enter your home without an appointment are police officers, firefighters/paramedics/fire marshals or community standards inspectors (unless you live in a rental property and it’s the annual life safety inspection).
If someone comes to your home and does not have a City of Boynton Beach photo ID card, business card and marked vehicle parked outside, they are not employed by the city. Do not let them into your home and call 911.