15-044711 0830 hours Burglary Auto 1610 S. Congress Ave (McDonalds)
Victim stated that unknown persons entered her vehicle and stole her wallet while she was inside the restaurant, total loss estimated at $100.00.

15-044734 1120 hours Burglary Auto NE 9th Ave
Victim stated that unknown persons entered his vehicle within the last 3 days and stole miscellaneous items, total loss estimated at $100.00.

15-044749 1234 hours Burglary Residence NE 26th Ave.
Victim advised she saw two individuals walking from her residence with her television and refrigerator. Officers located two suspects, Zeus DeJesus and Marilyn DeJesus at 2658 NE 3rd Street who were positively identified by the victim. TOT PBCJ.

15-044750 1244 hours Burglary Auto Greenbriar Drive
Victim stated that unknown black male entered his trailer and stole numerous pieces of lawn equipment. Suspect vehicle described as a white mini-van with dark tint. Total loss $1000.00.

15-044773 1503 hours Burglary Residence NE 6th Ave.
Victim advised that sometime between 0900 and 1500 hours suspects made entry by breaking a window on the side of the residence. Victim stated she did not believe anything was taken.

15-044806 DWLS – Arrest 600 block Old Boynton Road
Officer Grigorian made contact with B/M Winson Bayonne; during a traffic stop at the aforesaid location. During the traffic stop investigation. A complete records check revealed that Bayonne’s driving privileges were suspended. Bayonne was charged with Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) and subsequently released with a Notice to Appear.

15-044827 Vehicle Burglary SE 28th Avenue
Officers met with W/M Leonel Umana, who reported that sometime between September 18th and September 19th; an unknown person(s) entered his unsecured Red 2006 Dodge Ram truck bearing FL DMYF05. Once inside the unknown person(s) stole Umana’s bag w/ contents.
15- 43840 0816 hours Stolen Auto (GTA) Meadows Cir
Sometime between 2300hrs last night and 0700hrs today, unknown suspect took the victim’s 2009 Yamaha R6 motorcycle from the parking lot without his permission (tag attached). Victim is in possession of the keys. Motorcycle entered into FC/NCIC

15- 43849 0842 hours Burglary Auto Sunset Rd
Victim stated that sometime between 09-16-15 at 2030hrs and today at 0830hrs, unknown suspect entered her 2014, white, Ford Fusion and took a pair of sunglasses and miscellaneous change (coins) without her permission. Victim stated that she left the car unsecured.

15- 43859 1109 hours Burglary Auto N. Lake Dr.
Sometime between 2300hrs on 09-16-15 and 1100hrs today, unknown suspect entered both of the victim’s unsecured vehicles (2006, white, Jeep Wrangler / 2002, gold, Toyota Camry) without her permission. Taken were a purple Louis Vuitton wallet and its contents.

15- 43879 1302 hours Burglary Res/Forced Entry SE 27th Terr.
Victim came home to find the front gate open and the front slider smashed out. Nothing appeared to be missing except for a single pillow case. Victim stated that this is the third time that the home has been broken into.

15- 43845 0834 hours Trespass Warning 2240 N. Federal Hwy (Intracostal Park)
While conducting Extra Patrol w/m Verno, Anthony was found to be sleeping in the electrical room with all of his personal belongings. Verno stated that he was homeless but refused the Homeless Referral. Verno was issued a trespass warning.

15- 43846 0842 hours Trespass Warning 2240 N. Federal Hwy (Intracostal Park)
While conducting Extra Patrol, w/f Foster, Tracie was found to be sleeping in the thick trees and shrubbery next to the water with all of her personal belongings. Foster advised that she was homeless but refused the Homeless Referral. Foster was issued a trespass warning.

15-043907 Grand Theft Auto – Delayed 1499 S. Federal Hwy
Officers met with W/M Juan Reyes, who reported that an unknown person(s) stole his motorcycle – described as a Black 2014 Ducati bearing FL 3906RF.

15-043910 Residential Burglary – Delayed Cranbrook Drive
Officers met with Dorothy Doornbosch, who reported that sometime between September 2nd and September 15th an unknown person(s) entered the garage area of her residence. Once the unknown person(s) entered her residence, they rummaged through and stole several personal items from therein.

15-043914 Open Container – Arrest Harvey Oyer Jr. Park
Officer James arrested W/M Juan A. Alam, after a succinct investigation revealed that Juan was in possession of an alcoholic beverage in a city park. Juan was charged accordingly and later released with a Notice to Appear.

15-043951 DWLS/Providing a False Name – Arrest 3501 S. Federal Highway
Officer Esteves made contact with B/F Turonda Black and B/F Monica Williams; during a traffic stop at the aforesaid location. During the traffic stop investigation, Turonda exhibited identification belonging to a friend. The investigation revealed that both individuals produced/provided false names. Once the correct name was provided; a complete records check revealed that Turonda’s driving privileges were suspended. Monica was charged with Providing a False Name and released with a Notice to Appear. Turonda was charged with DWLS and Providing a False Name; later she transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.

15-043954 Credit Card Forgery/Grand Theft – Arrest 550 N. Congress Avenue
Officer Roedel arrested B/F Christina Woodberry, after a thorough investigation revealed that she attempted to purchase over $1500.00 in merchandise with a fraudulently manufactured credit card(s). Christina was charged with Grand Theft, Obtaining Goods by Fraudulent Means and ten (10) counts of Credit Card Forgery. Later, Christina was processed and subsequently transported to the Palm Beach County Jail, without incident.

15-043962 Obstruction/Trespass After Warning/Disorderly Conduct – Arrest 524 E. Gateway Blvd.
In a collaborative effort, Officers Loshelder and James arrested B/M Jean Destine and B/M Marc Ovilmar; after a succinct investigation revealed that Marc and Jean were causing a disturbance at the aforesaid business. Marc was charged with Disorderly Conduct and later released with a Notice to Appear. Jean was charged with Trespassing After Warning and Obstruction; later he was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.

15-043966 Vehicle Burglary 850 W. Gateway Blvd.
Officers met with W/F Amanda Keen, who reported that after parking her vehicle, at the aforesaid location, she walked into the store to pre-pay for gasoline. During the short time she went inside the store an unknown person(s) reached through the open window of her Red 2010 Buick bearing FL 555QLP; stealing her purse w/ contents.

15-44197 Burglary Occupied Dwelling Via Sofia 2059hrs
Victim reported hearing door chime at approx. 2045hrs and thought it was her husband. It was determined that an unknown person entered the residence and took her purse from dining room table.

15-44227 Block Party 1200 NW 4th Street 0059hrs
Officers responded to the above location in reference to the report of a large party. Officers located approx. 30 vehicles and 100 persons. Additional Officers were summoned and the party was shut down and persons dispersed without incident.

15-44478 Possession Cocaine 3001 N. Seacrest Blvd 2303hrs
Officers made contact with Corey Viltz who was arbitrarily parked on the side of the closed business. Viltz had left his cocaine on
his seat in plain view. T.o.t. PBCJ.

15-44490 Shots Fired NE 16th Avenue 0006hrs
Officers responded to the above address in reference to shots being fired. Officers located several .380 shell casings (t.o.t. evidence). There were multiple people leaving a large street gathering. Crowd dispersed without additional incident.

15-44493 Noise Disturbance 1025 Mission Hill Rd 0059hrs
Officers responded to the report of a noise disturbance at the Delray PBA. Contact was made with the business representative. Upon officers arrival the venue had been shut down.

15-044517 0334hrs Drug Trafficking/ Possession of Control Substances NW 2nd St
Jae H. Sanders B/M, was arrested during a traffic stop. Sanders was found to be in possession of heroin, marijuana, hydrocodone/ oxycodone, crack cocaine, and a loaded firearm. Sanders, was transported to BBPD for processing and TOT PBCJ.

15044615 1901 hours Burglary to Auto LA Fitness/2290 N Congress Ave
Unknown persons burglarized a 2015 GMC Yukon by smashing out the rear window utilizing an unknown blunt object and removing the victim’s purse. Total loss estimated at $915.00.

15044676 0133 hours Burglary to Auto Danbury Ct
Witness advised that he was observing a black male, dressed in black, underneath a neighbor’s vehicle with a flashlight. The suspect was last seen running west bound on Chesapeake Circle carrying a backpack. Units arrived in the area and observed the suspect. A foot pursuit ensued, in which the suspect dropped the backpack, and was last seen jumping the barrier wall westbound towards Lawrence Rd. A perimeter was established and the area was searched in which the suspect was not located. The property was recovered and returned to the victim/owner of the burglarized 2012 BMW.