If you have called the City of Boynton Beach 911 Emergency or Non-Emergency phone numbers recently, you likely received a text message seeking feedback about your experience.
It’s part of the Boynton Beach Police Department’s new SPIDR Tech initiative, which was launched earlier this month to enhance customer service and collect real-time information about the department’s performance.
“We are always looking for innovative ways to use technology to enhance the quality of services we provide,” Police Chief Michael G. Gregory said. “We believe this technology will help strengthen our customer service efforts.”
SPIDR Tech sends fully automated text messages to mobile phone callers who are requesting police services, and provides updates throughout the duration of the call for service. A short, mobile-friendly survey about the interaction is sent at the conclusion of the call.
“Getting feedback from the community is vitally important so we can meet the expectations of those we serve,” Chief Gregory said. “We will review the feedback and use the information to help us measure public opinion and identify areas for new or enhanced training.”
The purchase of SPIDR Tech was made possible through the Edward J. Byrne Justice Assistance Grant. SPIDR Tech was founded by two police officers who saw an opportunity to leverage digital communications to strengthen relationships with citizens during emergency situations. For more information, visit www.spidrtech.com.