In light of today’s article on the Sun-Sentinel website, Chief Katz would like to express his unequivocal support for Major Suzanne Crawford and Detective First Grade Chris Crawford.
Both of these members of the Boynton Beach Police Department have distinguished themselves as capable and competent, and of high character. The two have almost 40-years of combined public service experience. It is no small thing to have one’s name and reputation called into question in such a public way without supporting such an assertion through sufficient research and inquiry.
Chief Katz finds it regretful that a media outlet with which we have enjoyed a positive working relationship would post such an article online less than two hours after initially requesting comment from our staff.
In the end, we are confident that the facts – which have nothing to do with the August 2014 arrest of Byron Harris – will demonstrate that this article does not reflect any semblance of reality. We are disappointed, but we look forward to the Sun-Sentinel setting the record straight once all of the facts are available for public review.