There is a construction project currently going on east of the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and High Ridge Road near the southbound entrance to Interstate 95. This is causing significant traffic congestion between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. We encourage motorists to use other I-95 entrance ramps throughout the city. If you use this route, please remember that it is against the law to block the intersection. Traffic officers wrote 40 tickets in two days to motorists whose cars blocked the intersection. If you have a green light, wait behind the stop bar until the intersection is clear before you proceed through. Cars blocking the intersection are making it extremely difficult for drivers going north on High Ridge Road or west on Gateway Boulevard. In addition, Fire Station 5 is on High Ridge Road and rescue trucks need to be able to get out quickly for emergencies. We will continue to write tickets to drivers blocking the intersection. Please pack your patience and drive safely.