It is with great pride that the Boynton Beach Police Department announces the promotion of Assistant Police Chief Vanessa Snow to the position of Interim Deputy Police Chief.

The promotion comes at the start of the fiscal year, which allows the department to create the new deputy police chief role by eliminating one of the three assistant police chief positions that has remained vacant since February 2019.

Snow joined the Boynton Beach Police Department in September 2015. She has overseen every division within the agency, most recently serving as the Support Services Commander, which includes investigative services and other high liability functions of the agency.

“I’m really proud of her experience, combined with her day-to-day tenacity and expertise, as well as her supporting my vision of where we want to go as an agency and the culture we want to create,” Police Chief Michael G. Gregory said.

During the course of her 23-year law enforcement career, Snow has developed skills working at the municipal, county and federal levels. She is a trained FBI Intelligence Analyst who specialized in domestic terrorism and sovereign citizen activity during her time in the bureau’s West Palm Beach office. She remains proficient in this knowledge and travels the country providing instruction to police agencies and government organizations about this topic.

Snow earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and her juris doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.

“I look forward to enhancing the safety and stability of our community,” Snow said.