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Patrol Lieutenants

Lt. Suzanne Gitto
Lt. Paul Deale
Lt. David Wier

Lt. Suzanne Gitto

Lt. Suzanne Gitto joined the Boynton Beach Police Department in December 1996.  She has served as a road patrol officer, field training officer, traffic homicide investigator, detective, public information officer and grants manager. 

In 2007, she was promoted to sergeant, where she served as the Professional Standards Supervisor, overseeing internal affairs, media relations, grants and accreditation. She was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in June 2012, and currently serves as a road patrol watch commander. 

Gitto earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and Master’s degree in accounting from Florida Atlantic University. She is also a graduate of the Southern Police Institute Command Officers Development Course.

Lt. Paul Deale

Lt. Paul Deale began his law enforcement career in June of 1997, after being sworn in as a Boynton Beach police officer. Prior to that, he worked several years in the banking industry, but law enforcement was always his calling.

Deale had the honor of being selected to the Honor Guard in October of 1998 and was appointed a Filed Training Officer in November of 1999. As soon as he was eligible, Deale entered the sergeant's promotional process and was promoted to the rank of sergeant in June 2001. Deale served in this rank as a road patrol supervisor until October 2006 when he achieved the rank of lieutenant. In his current endeavor, Deale is an evening shift watch commander. Deale is currently the Honor Guard commander and has served in this capacity since 2005.

Deale graduated from Brandeis University in Boston, Mass., where he obtained a bachelor's degree in social sciences. He recently attended the 55th Command Officer's Development Course from the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville. Deale is also pursuing his master's degree. Deale is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and a die-hard New York Yankees fanatic.


Lt. David Wier

Lt. David Wier is a 17-year veteran of the Boynton Beach Police Department and commander of the SWAT team. He was promoted to sergeant in 2002 and has spent the past six years supervising officers working road patrol.

Prior to being a sergeant, he worked in the Detective Bureau, where he investigated property crime and then major cases. Wier, 40, is a former member of the department's vice narcotic unit and was assigned to the DEA's task force in West Palm Beach. He also served as a field training officer. A member of the SWAT team since 1993, Wier has received several meritorious unit medals, including an award in 2007 for the apprehension of a barricaded suicidal man who attempted to abduct a woman and then burglarized an apartment. He has been involved in over 300 high-risk SWAT operations throughout his career and served as the incident commander after a shooting at the Boynton Beach Mall on Christmas Eve in 2006.

Wier has been nominated for Officer of the Month numerous times and received the award in August 2007. He was also nominated for Officer of the Year in 2007. Wier is a 2004 graduate of the Southern Police Institute's Command Officer's Development Course. He is currently working on a bachelor's degree from Barry University.