17-046971 Burglary Battery / Impersonating L.E.O. 710 NE 7th St 1852hrs
Victim reported being battered by an unknown subject who claimed to be a police officer. Investigation revealed that the subject w/m Marc E. Vanburen stepped in the path of the victim’s vehicle while the victim was driving through the neighborhood and Vanburen accused the victim of speeding. The victim decided to record the encounter using a cell phone video camera. Vanburen then reached into the victim’s vehicle and attempted to stop the victim from recording the incident. Vanburen struck the victim in the process and presented himself as a Law Enforcement Officer to the victim. Vanburen who is not a police officer confessed to the above incident post Miranda Warnings. Vanburen was arrested and t.o.t PBCJ.
17-047026 Failed To Stop / Reckless Driver NW 10th Ave / NW 1st St 0012hrs
Officers attempted to stop a blue Infinity G37(unknown tag) that was driving recklessly at the above address . The vehicle’s driver ignored the officers emergency signals and fled from the officers. The officers immediately discontinued their efforts at a traffic stop. The vehicle was last seen entering I-95 northbound from Boynton Beach Blvd.
The platoon responded to 1 non-fatal overdose during the shift.
17-046867 0919 hours Overdose (Fatal) 410 SE 20th Court #B
30 year old female was found unresponsive by her roommate in the bedroom. FD responded and declared the female deceased. In the decedent’s bathroom was evidence of narcotic use. The female was take to ME’s office.
17-046871 0933 hours Overdose (Fatal) 2633 NE 3rd Street
54 year old male who was last seen by his roommate on August 12th was found unresponsive in his bedroom. Rigor and levity had already set in. Evidence of narcotics use was still in deceased’s hand. Decedent was taken to ME’s office.
17-046882 1030 hours Shoplifting 3200 Old Boynton Road
B/M Filibert, Evens DOB 09/03/90 was arrested for stealing four (4) car batteries from Wal-Mart valued at $426.00. He was sent to county jail. Note (officer safety): At the time of his detention by Loss Prevention and subsequent arrest by BBPD, Filibert was carrying a legally concealed firearm on his person.
Command Officers took part in this morning’s Hi-Five for Success event at Poinciana Elementary School to greet the kids on the first day of the new school year. Shift officers and the Traffic Unit attended similar events at the other elementary and middle schools within the City. The police presence was welcomed by the schools’ faculty, the kids and their parents.