15-036637 1957 hours Warrant Arrest/ FTA & Grand Theft 1601 S. Congress Ave (Walgreens)
Ofc. Monteith arrested Michael Haney after he was found to have two outstanding warrants for Failure to Appear and Grand Theft. He was transported to C.J.
15-06647 2100 hours Throwing Deadly Missile into Occupied Vehicle Lake Street & N. Federal Hwy.
Victim advised that while driving southbound on N. Federal Hwy approximately 6 B/M juveniles came out from behind bushes along the highway and begin throwing rocks at their vehicle. As a result, the vehicle suffered damages to its right side.
-Due to several reports of Juveniles throwing rocks at traveling vehicles from the (Preserve), units conducted surveillance in the area which yielded negative results. Officers will conduct surveillance in the future in order to identify the perpetrators whom are becoming a nuisance to commuters.
15-036676 0048 hours COV Arrest 2240 N. Federal Hwy (Intracoastal Park)
Ofc. Winland arrested Donta Jones for a City Ordinance Violation 1958, § 19-15 Sec. 16-46 (Sleeping/Lounging in Park). He was issued an N.T.A.
15-036685 0258 hours Burglary/Battery NE 25th Ave
Victim advised that he heard the alarm go off at which time he realized it was coming from the residence’s enclosed shed. The victim upon checking the area encountered a heavy set black male inside the shed. The suspect implied having a gun and pushed the victim. The victim grabbed a hold of the suspect and a struggled ensued. The suspect was able to disengage and jumped the residence’s fence. As a result of the struggle, the victim sustained a laceration to his lower back area which is going to require stitches. K-9 Sohn, PBSO Eagle searched for the suspect with negative results.
15-036550 0518 hrs Stolen Auto 217 N. Federal Hwy.
Victim reported he left a friend in the passenger seat of his green 2006 Ford Mustang (FL Tag # DLPU33), while he went inside the gas station. Upon return, his friend and his vehicle were gone. No further information on suspect provided. Vehicle entered FCIC/NCIC.
15-36561 0845 hrs Burglary Business 1709 N. Congress Ave.
Unknown person smashed the front door window of the Living Room Restaurant, between 0335 and 0845 hours, and stole the cash register drawer from within.
15-036460 1707 hours Burglary CAT type Whispering Cypress Ln
Victims advised that they left the garage door opened and their vehicle unsecured overnight. As a result, unknown person(s) entered the garage and removed several items to include a bag of golf clubs. The suspect(s) then entered the unsecured vehicle and removed several miscellaneous items.
15-036462 1753 hours Burglary to Auto 2004 S Federal Hwy
Victim advised unknown person(s), entered an unsecured 2014 Nissan Sentra on August 8th, at approximately 1100 hours. Taken from the vehicle was a wallet.
15-036501 2226 hours Burglary to Auto 1775 N. Congress Ave. (24 Hours Fitness)
Victim advised that between 2030 hours and 2225 hours on this date, unknown person(s) broke her vehicle’s window with an unknown object. The suspect(s) then entered the vehicle and removed the victim’s purse and miscellaneous items.
15-036500 2232 hours Poss. of Marijuana Under 20 grams 4798 N. Congress Ave (Mobil)
During a traffic stop, Officers Sohn and Webster arrested Ryan C. Wright for being in possession of Marijuana. He was given an N.T.A.
15-036502 2241 hours COV Arrest 3111 S. Congress Ave (Barrier Free Park)
Ofc. Winland arrested Joseph Raymond for a City Ordinance Violation. He was issued an N.T.A.
15-036504 2310 hours Vandalism Arrest545 N. Congress Ave. (Kimura Steak & Seafood)
Ofc. Winland arrested Bob Ceus after it was established that Ceus punched the rear window of a vehicle causing it to break which caused several superficial lacerations to his fist and fingers. Ceus was transported to BBPD for processing and was later released with an N.T.A.
15-036490 2120 hours Extra Patrol 100 NE 16th ct
B3/B4 Officers in conjunction with K-9 units and detail officers, responded to the area of 100 NE 16th Ct. in reference to a large gathering of approximately 200 people. They dispersed without incident. There were three separate block parties going on at once which all dispersed without any incidents.
15-036392 0820 hours Recovered GTA Gateway Blvd & NE 4th Street
Officer Rini obtained information this morning advising him of a stolen vehicle possibly in the area of East Gateway Blvd. A 1999 (Gold) Toyota Corolla bearing a Florida tag of CKMR86, was later recovered backed between homes in the 500 block of NE 20th Avenue. The vehicle was initially stolen from Boynton Inlet Park within PBSO jurisdiction earlier on this date. Vehicle towed by Becks.
15-036402 1028 hours Burg Fenced Compound SE 26th Avenue.
Unknown person(s) stole a Rheem AC unit, from the exterior of the residence. The AC was valued at approximately $2,000.
15-036249 Forgery Check Arrest 1600 S. Federal Hwy (Wells Fargo)
Ofc. Winland arrested Amberly Mitchell for forging a check in the amount of $4,260. She was also involved in other fraudulent activities in Lantana and Delray Beach. She was transported to C.J.
15-06180 0742 hours (Attempted) Auto Burglary Aspen Leaf Dr.
Officers responded to the area in reference to an attempted auto burglary, immediately establishing a perimeter. Units BOLOed the area for a Black male wearing a black hoodie and shorts. The male was observed trying multiple vehicle door handles. He was witnessed using his long sleeves as gloves. Officer Rini observed a black male fitting the description, fleeing westbound from Johnathan’s Way into Palmyra I. The suspect was able to elude officers jumping the rear fence of Palmyra into the Homes of Lawrence. K-9 and PBSO responded to assist in regards to the perimeter.
15-036231 1247hours Residential Burglary (In Progress) Aspen Leaf Dr.
The same B/M later returned to the area and burglarized a residence. Another perimeter was established utilizing PBSO Eagle, Delray Beach Police K-9, and several of our K-9 units (Adam, Sohn and Crowder). The suspect was capture and bitten by Officer Sohn’s partner K9 Bako. The suspect was identified as B/M Kensson Cineas (07.03.1995).