15-40291 1212 hrs Warrant NE 27th Ct
During a traffic stop Officer Sohn made contact with passenger who was found to have an outstanding VOP warrant for his arrest out of Palm Beach County, warrant. Davis TOT PBCJ.

15-040012 Attempted GTA 1111 Lake Terrace 1907 hours
Victim advised that between 1600 hours on 8-27-15 and 1900 hours on 08-28-15, unknown suspect attempted to steal his vehicle (1998 White in color Dodge Caravan) by damaging the passenger side window. Once inside the suspect tampered with the ignition/steering column, causing damage. The total damage was approx. $200.00.

15-39890 0504 hrs Warrant 100 NE 5th Ave
Officer Moreno made contact with b/f Cain, Trinekea in the 100 block of NE 5th Ave. A N/FCIC/PALMS check revealed that Cain had an outstanding warrant for FTA (traffic) Cain was TOT PBCJ.

15-39895 0504 hrs Warrant 100 NE 5th Ave
Officer Moreno made contact made contact with b/f Frazier, Tanisha in the 100-block of NE 5th Ave. A N/FCIC/PALMS check revealed that Frazier had an outstanding warrant for GTA Frazier was TOT PBCJ.

15-039699 0557 hours Stolen Vehicle Boynton Bay Circle
Victim advised that between 2100hrs on 08/26/15 and 0530hrs this morning unknown suspect(s) stole his green 2000 Ford F-150 Crew Cab that was parked in his reserved parking space. Vehicle information was entered into NCIC/FCIC.

15-039708 0634 hours Burglary Auto (Delayed) Ocean Parkway
Victim advised that between 0100hrs and 0630hrs this morning unknown suspect(s) burglarized her secured gray 2004 Honda Civic by smashing her rear passenger side window. The victim’s Pioneer speakers valued at $100.00 were stolen.

15-039716/ 39721/ 39729 0800 hours Burglary Auto (Delayed) Fairfax Circle
Several unsecured autos were burglarized overnight by unknown suspect(s). There was no vehicle damage, and a total of approximately $3.00 in loose change and a pair of sunglasses valued at $25.00 were stolen.

15-039727 0829 hours Burglary Auto (Delayed) S.E. 2nd Ave
Victim advised that between 0100hrs on 08/22/15 and 1000hrs that morning her 2005 Honda Odyssey was burglarized. The victim advised a gold bracelet, a diamond bracelet, a Vape inhaler, and 2 bottles of prescription medication were stolen with an approximate total value of $902.00.

15-39794 1641 hours Burglary Vehicle SE 23h Ave.
Vehicle entered between 8-26/7. No theft reported. No suspect information.

15-39812 1809 hours Burglary Vehicle SE 23rd Ave
Vehicle entered between 8-26/7 A loaded Glock 17 was taken.