14-054516 1044hrs Trespass Warning 217 NW 3rd Ct
Donnel Hankerson was located at the above property and was issued a trespass warning by the resident. This is an ongoing problem with Hankerson and other individuals loitering on and around the property and the resident would like our assistance in keeping them away from the property. Information was given regarding trespass agreements and signage. There is an extra patrol for the property.
14-54473 Warrant arrest 300 block N. Congress Ave
Frances Fernandez was arrested after a traffic accident revealed that she an outstanding warrant for FTA-traffic. Due to circumstances Officer Castro will be filing for the DUI and possession of Heroin upon receipt of the blood results. Fernandez was sent PBCJ.
14-54478 Poss. of Cocaine(x2)/tampering w evidence 2800 S Federal Hwy
Officer Esteves stopped a vehicle for speeding which led to him arresting the driver Joseph Farina for a suspended DL with knowledge. Search incident to arrest revealed Farina to be in possession of crack cocaine. While in route to the PD, Officer Esteves heard Farina stomping his feet in the back of his patrol vehicle. Upon exiting the vehicle Officer Esteves observed a substance that was not present when he placed Farina in the backseat. Esteves checked the substance and it revealed it to be crack that Farina was trying to discard. Also arrested was a passenger in the vehicle, Travon Willis, for possession of crack as well. Both were processed and taken to PBCJ.