15060047 2015 hours Poss. Cocaine / Paraphernalia / False Name / DWLS / FTA 1100 N Seacrest
OFC Esteves initiated a traffic stop on a 1995, Ford Thunderbird, for a registration violation. Contact was made with the driver who identified himself as Richard Barnes dob 05/27/1965. An F/NCIC check showed that the driver’s license was suspended. Upon being detained, the male advised OFC Esteves he did not want to go to jail and provided his real identification as b/m Roberto Barnes dob 12/26/1963. An F/NCIC check revealed that his driver’s license was suspended and that there were two (2) active warrants for Failure to Appear (DWLS and Giving False Name) out of Lee County with extradition. Barnes was arrested for DWLS, Giving False Name, and the active warrants. An inventory search of the vehicle for tow purposes yielded .2 grams of crack cocaine, .2 grams of powder cocaine, and a crack pipe, in which he was additionally charged with. He was processed and lodged at PBCJ. The vehicle was seized for forfeiture by Forfeiture Liaison OFC Melo.
15060051 2006 hours Burglary to Auto LA Fitness 2290 N Congress Ave
Victim reported that between 1900 and 2000 hours, person(s) unknown smashed the passenger side window (unknown object) to their 2010, Acura TL, and rummaged through the vehicle. Nothing appeared to missing. Total loss estimated at $200.
15060055 2018 hours Burglary to Auto LA Fitness 2290 N Congress Ave
Victim reported that between 1900 and 2115 hours, person(s) unknown smashed the passenger side window (unknown object) to their 2007, Lexus, and removed a wallet that contained several items of identification, credit cards, and cash. Total loss estimated $275.
15-59951 0613 hours Recovered Stolen Vehicle 225 NW 12th Avenue
While conducting a property check at The Carolyn Sims Center, Officer Lauture located vehicle that was taken in an armed carjacking on 12/13/15 (PBSO Case # 15-0155594) on 12/13/15. Two juvenile males were located within the vehicle and taken into custody without incident by BBPD officers and K9 Daxx. PBSO responded to the scene and secured the vehicle as a crime scene. One of the juveniles was charged with charged with Grand Theft Auto pursuant to F.S.S 812.014(2)(c)(6), and the other was charged with Trespass in a Conveyance pursuant to FSS 810.08(2)(a). Both were TOT to JAC without incident.
15-59959 0839 hours Serious Bodily Injury Crash 2200 Block South Seacrest Blvd.
An elderly female driver was exiting the south exit of the High Point complex and made a left turn into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Her vehicle was impacted on the driver’s side door. She was knocked unconscious from the impact, and then remained extremely disoriented upon waking. She sustained life threatening injuries, and was transported to the Delray Medical Center as a trauma patient. The driver of the other vehicle was uninjured.
15059848 1530 hours Recovered GTA 420 NE 17th Ave
OFC Worrell observed a 2015, Lincoln MKZ, FL tag#Z2DHW, that appeared to have been abandoned. An F/NCIC check revealed that vehicle was reported stolen out of Ocean Ridge. ORPD responded, processed the vehicle, and returned it to the owners.
15059856 1650 hours Poss. Of Cocaine/Marijuana/Paraphernalia 4762 N Congress Ave
OFC Williams responded to the area in reference a suspicious person inside a white Honda. Upon arrival, w/m Keith Kalmas dob 12/25/1967, was observed leaning into the driver’s side window. OFC Williams walked up behind Kalmas and introduced himself, at which time Kalmas turned around with a rock of crack cocaine in his hand (plain view), in which he immediately tried to discard onto the ground. Kalmas was arrested and search incident to arrest yielded several more pieces of crack cocaine, marijuana, and paraphernalia. He was processed and later lodged at PBCJ.
15059885 2019 hours Loitering and Prowling 208 NE 14th Ave
Officers responded to burglary in process of a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers observed b/m Jean Prospere dob 12/10/1982, who matched the given description, attempting to conceal himself along a fence line next to the home. The witness/victim refused to prosecute for the burglary; however, officers did establish probable cause for Loitering and Prowling. Prospere was processed and later lodged at PBCJ.
15059917 2334 hours Obstruction / Block Party 2040 NW 1st St
Officers responded to the above location in reference to a possible fight involving a gun. Upon arrival, officers encountered a large house party that was catering to about 150 individuals. Vehicles were blocking the roadways (later towed), large amounts of litter were all over the roadway, and individual groups were engaged in disturbances. Officers did begin a systematic shut down of the illegal event. While performing their duties, b/m Warren Rainner dob 02/10/1995 nearly struck OFC Brown while riding his bicycle (no lighting) through the crowd. OFC Brown attempted to stop Rainner, who attempted to ride away from OFC Brown, while looking back and screaming profanities. However, Rainner failed to observe OFC Melo who was now in front of him. OFC Melo attempted to stop Rainner, who again tried to ride away, however he was eventually detained by OFC Melo and OFC Loshelder. He was arrested and transported to the PD where he was processed, cited for the traffic violation, and later released with a Notice to Appear.
Officers conducted multiple extra patrols at local restaurants, bars, and EZ mart due to the large number of patrons that were utilizing the businesses due to the highly televised UFC fight. Several citations were issued to individuals.
15-59759 0443 hours Robbery (Sudden Snatching) 100 S. Congress Ave.
Juvenile victim was walking with a friend when 4 bm’s approached them. One male grabbed the juvenile’s Iphone from her hand and ran away with it towards Banyan Lakes. None of the males were located upon a search of the area. The suspect was described as 12 to 13 yoa, 5-01 height, 150 lbs, wearing black shirt, black shorts, and white sneakers.
15-59765 0453 hours Vandalism Auto 1700 Corporate Dr.
Victim reported unknown person vandalized her Ford E350 truck by painting large black letters “SLEB” on it, sometime between 12/11 at 1300 and 12/12 at 0400. Five other vehicles were similarly vandalized, but no contact with owners established at this time and they were not on-scene.
15-59773 0728 hours Burglary Fenced Compound 1471 Neptune Dr.
Victim reported two B/M’s with white towels on their head cut an entrance on the west side of the business fence then removed a spare tire from each of the five work vans that were located within.
15-59762 0526 hours Burglary Auto 815 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Victim reported unknown person entered their unsecured vehicle and removed a black cell phone from within.
15-59806 1102 hours Burglary Auto Hudson Ln.
Victim reported unknown person entered their unsecured vehicle and removed an Ipad and Iphone from within the vehicle sometime between evening last night and 1045 hours this morning.
15059691 1955 hours Recovered GTA 308 Boynton Bay Circle
Security reported that a 2009, Kia Optima, black in color, FL tag#K053VZ, was backed into a space without having a property sticker visible. OFC Loshelder ran the vehicle through F/NCIC and learned it had been reported stolen out of PBSO. PBSO did not wish to respond; however, OFC Loshelder did process the vehicle for prints which yielded negative results. Vehicle towed by PBSO.
15059702 2112 hours Recovered GTA 1700 Boynton Bay Circle
Security reported that a 2012, Jaguar, FL tag#480HAA, had been abandoned on the property. OFC Loshelder arrived and an F/NCIC check revealed that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Lantana. The vehicle also contained several purses and jewelry boxes that were laying in the backseat. Lantana PD was notified and responded to process the vehicle. The vehicle had been used to steal approximately $50,000.00 in assorted jewelry (Lantana PD#15002615). Vehicle returned to owners.
15059714 2221 hours Poss. Of Cocaine/Poss. Of Paraphernalia City Shop / 222 NE 9th Ave
Officers observed a 2012, Chevy Silverado, truck, FL tag#BEZ467, parked in the lot of city shop. Officers made contact with the sole occupant, later identified as w/m Jordan Elkins dob 01/06/1989. OFC Paramore observed in plain view .03 grams of crack cocaine and a loaded hypodermic needle. Elkins was arrested and later lodged at PBCJ.
15059715 2222 hours Shots Fired 261 NE 16th Ct
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a report of 3 to 4 shots being discharged. A canvas of the area yielded no evidence. Local hospitals were contacted and no reports of any victims/witnesses.
15-59628 1239 hrs Burglary Auto SE 1st St.
Victim reported that on 12/09/15 at approximately 0800 hours he discovered that the driver side door to his locked vehicle (2002 Ford Explorer Fl tag#N169UH) was ajar. Victim said he inspected the interior of his vehicle and noticed that a container filled with US coin (valued at $30) was the only item stolen. No damages the vehicle were reported.
15-59633 1301 hrs Burglary Auto Scarborough Lane
Victim reported that an unknown person removed a bullet resistant vest from within his Gold 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe FL tag 569VTW. Total loss is $495.
15-59588 0928 hrs Burglary Auto Arthur Court
Victim reported that in between the hours of 2245 on 12/10/15 and 0900hrs on this date an unknown person removed a grey wallet from under the driver’s seat of a 2003 Mazda 6 bearing FL TEMP tag BNNG5649.. The wallet contained a FL DL, Social Security Card, two debit cards (Wells Fargo and PNC) and approximately $500.00 cash. The vehicle was unlocked during the incident.
15-59593 0946 hrs Burglary Residence Waterside Circle
Victim reported that on 12/10/15 at approximately 2100 hours she went to sleep, and this morning at approximately 0900 hours she went to the back patio/porch of her residence where she noticed that her 42″ flat screen television had been removed from the wall mount by person(s) unknown. Security cameras on the exterior of the residence did not capture video of the suspect(s). No other items have appeared to have been stolen, and no damages were observed. Total loss is approximately $2,000.
15-59480 1541hrs Scheme to Defraud 650 N. Congress Ave
B/F Tiffany Dean was observed on video by Target management conducting several unauthorized fraudulent charges on several different dates. All the charges totaled $1,693.44. Based on the documentation it was determined that Dean completed these fraudulent transactions and was placed under arrest for scheme to defraud. Dean was TOT PBCJ.
15-59513 1858hrs Possession of Marijuana with intent to sell 1005 N. Seacrest Blvd
While Officer James was conducting an extra Patrol at this location, Officer James made contact with B/M Kaeshwan Daughtry which during his interaction with Daughtry it was determined that Daughtry had 15.1 grams of marijuana which was packaged in several different baggies consistent with sale of narcotics. Based on investigation Daughtry was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Daughtry was TOT PBCJ.