19-006329 Burglary Auto 100 NE 6th St 403 1712 hours
Victim parked her vehicle in the parking garage at 1600 hours; and left it unsecured as she carried groceries into her residence. When she returned to the vehicle approximately 10 minutes later, she realized her beige zipper brief case containing a laptop was missing from the vehicle.
19-006368 Suspicious Incident Waterside Cir 2250 hours
Caller observed a B/M in a F150 parked in her driveway. The unknown male subject told the caller his vehicle would not start. The caller advised PD communications she became alarmed because this same subject had been inside the community the night prior. BBPD units made contact with the male subject who could not dispel their concerns. The subject refused to identify himself at which time he attempted to drive away. Officers conducted a traffic stop at the exit of the community at which point the subject drove into a fully marked police unit. The subject (later identified as B/M Winson, Saintelot 3-14-89) refused verbal commands prior to being taken into custody. He was charged with Agg Assault, Loitering/Prowling, resisting with violence, misuse of 911 and criminal mischief, processed and tot to PBCJ.
19-006258 Vandalism (Auto) 2303 N. Congress Ave. 0829hrs.
Victim stated that tires were punctured on three of their vehicles overnight.
19-006281 Burglary (Auto) 45 Flamingo Dr. 1107hrs.
19-006267 Suspicious Incident (Shots Fired) 1213 NW 4th St. 125hrs.
Multiple callers advised that several gunshots were heard in the area of the Cherry Hill Mini Mart, however, no shell casings, witnesses, or victims were located. Reclassified to Suspicious incident.
19-006287 Robbery 1100 N. Congress Ave. 1344hrs.
Victim was seated outside when a black male suspect grabbed her purse from her shoulder and fled the area.
19-006296 Burglary (Auto) x 4 801 N. Congress Ave. 1449hrs.
Multiple vehicles, all pickup trucks, were burglarized in the Mall parking lot.
19-006305 Robbery (Sudden Snatching) 402 SE 21st Ave. 1546hrs
Victim used “Offer Up’ to purchase a cellular telephone, they decided that the parking lot of Publix would be a good location for the transaction. She gave the suspect the money for the telephone, he then snatched the telephone back and fled to an awaiting vehicle which fled from the area.
19-006116 Overdose Non-Fatal 915 N Federal Hwy 1547 hours
Victim was located unconscious on the sidewalk. BBPD administered Narcan; subject was transported to Bethesda Memorial Hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.
19-006046 Burglary (Auto) 628 NE 20th Ln. 0446hrs
Based on investigation probable cause was established to charge Dennis Lambdon with burglary to a motor vehicle after he was located in another vehicle sleeping, he did not have permission to be in that vehicle either.
19-006077 AOD BBFR (Possible Arson) N. Palm Dr. 1119hrs
Units assisted BBFR with a residential fire, investigation revealed that the fire may have been intentional.
19-006081 Burglary (Structure) 970 N. Seacrest Blvd. 1133hrs
Unknown suspect(s) entered St. John’s Church and stole property from within.
19-005770 1720 hours Burglary Auto 2104 Mahogany Dr
Victim reported between 2000 hours on 01/30 and 0700 hours on 01/31 unknown suspects entered the unlocked Mercedes. Once inside, the vehicle’s title was stolen from the glove box.
19-005775 1755 hours Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired 101 N Congress Ave
Caller reported hearing what they believed to be eight to nine gunshots coming from east of Congress Middle School. Officers checked the surround areas with negative results.
19-005794 1927 hours Burglary Auto 2212 N Congress Ave
Victim reported between 1800 hours and 1920 hours on today’s date, unknown persons entered a Ford F150 by punching the driver side door lock. Once inside the vehicle, $400 was stolen from inside a purse that was left in the vehicle.
19-005816 2120 Burglary Auto 801 N Congress Ave
Victim reported between 1730 hours and 2115 hours on this date, unknown person’s entered the victim’s Cadillac Escalade by punching the front driver’s side door lock. One credit card was taken from within the glove box.
Despite heavy rains and street flooding throughout the shift, Officers responded to a high volume of calls.