16010222 2216 hrs Poss of Cocaine with Int/Poss. Of Marijuana Over 20/Poss of Heroin 320 NW 2nd St
OFC Montoute and OFC Alegria were called to the above location in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival contact was made with b/m Antaurius Walters dob 01/16/1994, b/m Dakota Meline dob 03/01/1987, and b/m Darrick Johnson dob 10/07/1991, who were sitting inside a vehicle. Officers observed in plain view a large plastic bag which contained 28.5 grams of marijuana. Probable cause search of the vehicle further yielded 10.7 grams of crack cocaine and .9 grams of heroin. All three were arrested, processed, and later lodged at PBCJ. $1,212 taken for forfeiture.
16010240 0255 hours Aggravated Battery (Motor Vehicle) / Grand Theft Wal-Mart/3625 S. Fed
Officers were dispatched to the above location in reference to a theft of a computer where the suspects had run over an employee upon trying to escape. The vehicle was described as an older model blue truck last seen driving recklessly north on Federal Hwy. OFC Medeiros and OFC Williams observed a 2004, Dodge Dakota, truck traveling west on SW 23rd Ave with a HP computer box hanging from the bed of the vehicle. A felony stop was conducted and driver b/m Larry Willis dob 06/28/1959 and passenger b/m Karl Washington dob 03/014/1965 were detained. Show ups were conducted and both were positively identified. Victim was transported to Bethesda for treatment for non-life threatening injuries. The vehicle was taken as forfeiture and all stolen property was returned to the business. Willis and Washington TOT PBCJ.
16-10060 0758 hours Stolen Vehicle 4475 N. Ocean Blvd.
Unknown person stole a black 2014 Lexus ES 350 (KY tag #259PYY) from assigned parking lot #15 sometime between 2145 hours last night and 0745 hours this morning. Vehicle keys had been left in a cup holder within. Vehicle entered F/NCIC.
16-10062 0846 hours Burglary Auto 18 Via Lago
Victim reported his vehicle was left unlocked in his driveway between 1300 hours yesterday and 0730 hours this morning. When he returned to his vehicle at 0730 hours, he discovered someone ransacked the vehicle and took approximately $8 from the vehicle.
16-00958 1701 hours Burglary to Auto 1432 Meadows Cir W
Victim advised that between 0100-0900 hours on 02/20/2016 unknown person(s) pried her vehicle’s door lock causing ($400.00) in damage. Victim could not advise if anything was taken from the vehicle.
16-009973 2121 hours Retail Theft/Intro. Contraband into Holding facility 801 N. Congress Ave
Ofc. Winland arrested W/M James Gosselin for a Retail Theft. Ofc. Winland could smell the strong odor of Marijuana coming from Gosselin’s person. Ofc. Winland provided Gosselin an opportunity to divulge any possession of Marijuana but he denied having any. Ofc. Winland conducted a proper search, to no avail. Due to Gosselin not having a FL ID he was TOT PBCJ. Moments later, Ofc. Winland received a call from PBCJ advising that Gosselin had 4 baggies of Marijuana in his rectum thus additional charges needed to be completed. Gosselin was subsequently charge with Introducing Contraband into a Holding Facility.
16-9896 1059 hours Burglary Auto 10 Crossings Cir. #E
Unknown person entered victim’s unlocked vehicle sometime between 02/14 2200 hours and 02/15 0815 hours, removing an Atheros Laptop and Ipad Air from the backseat.
16-9690 1327 hours Vandalism City Property 848 NW 13th Ave.
Park Supervisor advised unknown person/vehicle vandalized Pioneer Canal Park as indicated by the circular path of destroyed grass left behind. Incident occurred sometime between 02/18 at 0900 hour and today at 1000 hours.
16009729 1634hours Stolen Auto Coin Laundry / 415 E. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Victim reported that their 2004, Green Ford F-150 (FL 629PAL), was stolen from the above business sometime between 0700 and 1600 hours this date. The vehicle was left unsecured and the owner was in possession of the keys. Victim stated the business does have video surveillance but was not accessible. Vehicle was entered as stolen into NCIC/FCIC.
16009810 2303 hours Poss. of Heroin / Poss. Of Paraphernalia Walgreens / 1634 S. Federal Hwy.
On the above date and time units responded to Walgreens in reference to a CLS call. Dispatch advised an unconscious female was inside the bathroom unresponsive and was blocking the door from being opened. Upon arrival BBFD and BBPD located w/f Heather Zipron behind the door unconscious with agonal breathing. BBFD rendered medical aid to Zipron in the form of Narcan and she was subsequently revived from a Heroin induced coma. Once Zipron was removed from the rest room and taken to Bethesda, Sgt. De Los Rios conducted a search of the restroom and located w/m Jacob Stroup, hiding in one of the restroom stalls. Upon exiting, Stroup dropped a Hypodermic needle and two small baggies of heroin. Stroup was subsequently arrested and charged accordingly. He was processed and lodged at PBCJ.
16-09612 0513 hours Agg. Assault Firearm 159 NW 14th Ave.
Officers responded to the residence reference a domestic disturbance. The caller indicated she fired a “warning shot” at the wall to get her husband to leave the residence after she discovered him cheating. A firearm and spent casing were recovered. B/F, Rosita Johnson, 11/26/73 was arrested after investigation determined she was the primary aggressor. TOT PBCJ.
16-09618 0651 hours Occupied Burglary/Stolen Vehicle 169 Executive Cir.
Unknown person entered the garage of the residence, while residents were asleep (2100 last night to 0650 this morning), and stole a vehicle from within. The garage was opened with a garage door opener taken from the victim’s second vehicle, which was parked outside. A silver Nissan Rogue was taken from the garage but found two blocks away from the residence.
16-09636 0904 hours Vandalism 3300 S. Seacrest Blvd. (St. Josephs)
Unknown person poured laundry soap over an EZ-GO golf cart then spray painted several derogatory words on the baseball field fence netting sometime between 1900 hours last night and 0900 hours this morning.
16-009550 1942hrs Burglary Attempt to Residence 305 SW 2nd St
Contact was made with the victim who stated that on this date between the hours of 0700-1700 hours an unknown subject attempted to pry open three different doors to his residence. Victim stated that when he came home he noticed fresh pry marks to the dead bolts of his front door laundry room door which leads to the residence, and the storage room door. Victim stated that entry was not made but there was damage to all three door locks. Officers did observe fresh pry marks to all three doors.
16-009559 2041hrs Aggravated Battery/Theft of Fire Extinguishers 121 SW 5th Ave
Contact was made with victim who stated that approximately 6-7 juveniles knocked on her front door, and when she opened the door the juveniles began running away in a northwest direction. The victim observed the glass box that houses the fire extinguisher was broken and the fire extinguisher was missing. She entered her vehicle and drove to the north side of her building on SW 3rd Ave, where she observed a group of juveniles holding approximately 4 fire extinguishers. The victim confronted the juveniles and when she did the Juveniles immediately sprayed the extinguisher in her face. The juveniles then dropped the extinguishers and ran west bound. Four fire extinguishers were recovered. One extinguisher was taken from building 4 and one was taken from building 2 (it is unknown where the other two were taken from). The victim advised she could not identify the suspects due to the fact that it happened so fast and they ran away.
16-009564 2107hrs Fleeing 2200 N. Federal Hwy
Officer Jean observed a black motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on Federal Hwy. The motorcycle was driving in between other vehicles while changing lanes multiple times. Officer Jean was able to get behind the motorcycle which was displaying FL Tag 4974KQ at the 2200 block of Federal HWY. He attempted a traffic stop on the motorcycle; however the driver looked back and immediately increased his speed northbound on Federal Hwy. The driver who was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and a blue helmet continued to ignore all emergency equipment and fled northbound into the City of Lantana. Officer Jean terminated his efforts to stop the motorcycle and a BOLO was given to Lantana.
16-009576 2218hrs Possession of Narcotics and Paraphernalia 2821 S. Federal Hwy (Homing Inn)
While conducting an extra patrol at the Homing Inn due to the high drug activity Officer Worrell observed a white in Ford F150 fail to come to a complete stop at a marked stop sign while exiting the Homing Inn. Officer Worrell conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at 1634 South Federal Highway Contact was made with the driver, B/M Tracy L. King (DOB: 9/18/69) and his front seat passenger, W/F Dawn Morris (DOB: 4/16/67). Investigation revealed that King was in possession of .4 grams of Crack Cocaine and Morris was in possession of drug paraphernalia. Morris was released from the scene with an N.T.A. and King was TOT PBCJ.
Traffic enforcement was conducted at 1800 W. Ocean DR which resulted in 20 citations