15-007639 20:27 Hours Burglary Meadows Cir. West
Victim advised that he heard his dog barking for an unknown reason. Upon further investigation, victim observed a black male suspect standing inside his back porch. The suspect then attempted to open a sliding glass door to the interior of the residence. The victim yelled at the suspect causing him to run from the area. Officers were unable to locate the suspect after a canvas.
15-7587 1202hrs Burglary Attempt Residential Fairfax Cir. East
Sometime between 02-21-15 and today at 1202hrs, an unidentified subject jumped the pool fence, concealed themselves and entered the victim’s backyard. Once in the yard, the subject attempted to enter the victim’s home without permission by prying the hinged in an attempt to remove the sliding door. When the alarm sounded, the subject ran from the home to a vehicle that was waiting out front, and left the area. No entry was made, however pry marks were visible.
15-007522 2202 hrs Vandalism arrest 2185 E. Atlantic Drive
Officers responded to 2185 E. Atlantic Drive in regards to a disturbance in progress. After arriving the complainant advised that the defendant Elis Rosado and her were involved in an argument. This culminated with Elis “keying” the complainant’s vehicle. The damage amounted to approx. $500. Officer Harris interviewed and successfully obtained a confession from Elis regarding his vandalistic act. He was arrested, charged accordingly, and later released with an NTA.
15-7415 0855hrs Burglary to Residence Delayed W. Ocean Ave
Sometime between 02/19/15 at 0715hrs and today at 0830hrs, an unknown suspect entered the home by smashing out a window and removed items totaling $5,550 without permission.
15-7376 23:48 Hours Possession of Marijuana 3500 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Defendant Matthew Schnell DOB 1-5-95. Traffic stop conducted, Officer Hanning smelled a strong odor of marijuana from the passenger compartment. Marijuana under 20 grams was located and Schnell was issued a NTA and released from the scene.
15-7389 01:46 Hours Vandalism Auto NE 6Th Ave.
Victim advised that her cousin smashed the front windshield and dented front passenger door on her Hyundai. Both were in a verbal altercation that escalated when cousin exited the residence and vandalized the vehicle. Victim did not want to pursue charges and only requested that the indent was documented.
15-7287 1119hrs R/A W/O Violence & Retail Theft 1634 S. Fed Hwy Wal-Greens
Units responded to Wal-greens / 1634 S Federal Hwy in reference to a retail theft in progress. B/M subject was observed concealing several bottles of cough syrup (Delsym) in his jacket and exited the business. Once outside the business, the employee confronted the subject about the concealed items and retrieved some of the bottles from his hands. The subject then ran with two bottles still concealed. Officers pursued the subject on foot, giving him lawful commands to stop but he continued to run. The subject turned and observed the officers and continued to run, at which time he tripped over a concrete parking bumper and fell to the ground where he was taken into custody. The subject, Bendji Celami (11/21/92) was processed and TOT to PBCJ.