19-001234 1627 hours Burglary Auto 504 SW 1st St
Sometime between 1800 hours on 01/06/18 and 0700 hours on today’s date, unknown persons entered the victim’s Jeep Liberty. It appeared as if the vehicle was left unsecured due to no forced entry being observed.
19-001260 1902 hours Grand Theft Auto 949 Brookdale Dr
Between 0815 and 1640 hours on today’s date, the victim’s brown in color 2011 Honda Crosstour bearing FL tag 373PXR was stolen from the residence. Victim advised he may have left a valet key inside the vehicle.
19-001261 1914 hours Theft 2815 S Seacrest Blvd
Between 0700 and 1600 hours on today’s date, an employee of Bethesda Hospital had the contents of her purse stolen. During this time, the purse was left unsecured in an employee lounge located on the 2nd floor of the hospital.
19-001278 2114 hours DWLS 200 N Congress Ave
H/F Diana Gomez was placed under arrest after a traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle she was driving. A record’s check revealed Gomez’s license to be suspended. Gomez was released with a NTA.
19-001280 2130 hours DWLS 2200 N Congress Ave
B/M Kasali Opabola was placed under arrest after a traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle he was driving. A record’s check revealed Opabola’s to be a Habitual Traffic Offender. Opabola was TOT PBCJ.
19-01617 0026 hours Shooting Occupied Dwelling NW 13th Ave
Officers responded to the area in reference to shots being fired at the residence. Upon arrival, officers discovered 13 shell casings in the roadway and on the sidewalk in front of the residence. The residence was struck multiple times to include the front door, window and block. None of the three occupants were injured. Crime Scene responded.
19-1159 Burglary Auto 1005 N. Seacrest Blvd. 0932 hours
Delayed from 11-15-18. Caller originally did not report it but realized that her identity may have been compromised and wanted a report.